As you prepare to sell your dental practice, you may feel inclined to save money by doing everything on your own. However, selling a dental practice independently is both difficult and impractical. Here are four reasons why it’s much smarter to hire a dental broker to assist you in the sale process.

1. They’ll Help You Get the Best Price

According to Dental Economics, you’ll need to determine the economic value of your dental practice before you can sell it. A lot of factors go into this calculation, and it can be extremely difficult for someone without the right skills to figure out the right price. If you choose too high of a number, you’ll have difficulty selling, but if you choose too low of a number, you’ll effectively be losing money. A dental broker has the expert knowledge needed to help you find the perfect selling price.

2. They’ll Help You Sell Quickly

The longer your dental practice listing is on the market, the longer you’ll have to wait before you can retire or transition to a new location. To ensure that your practice sells as quickly as possible, you’ll need to market it effectively. A dental broker streamlines the process of finding a buyer so you can get the sale done as quickly as possible.

3. They Can Navigate Complicated Legal Matters.

Between taxes and tenancy laws, a lot of legal paperwork is involved in selling a dental practice. It’s easy for an amateur to make a small mistake that severely delays a sale, so it’s best to leave these matters to a professional. A dental broker can help you figure out how to fill out any important documents and give you advice if any issues come up.

4. They’ll Make You More Attractive to Buyers

Buying a dental practice is a big decision, and buyers want to know that they’re making the right choice. When they see that you’re selling your practice with a dental broker, they’ll view the sale as more legitimate and trustworthy. This makes them more likely to buy your practice.

If you’re preparing to sell a dental practice, you’ll need a reliable broker to help you. Professional Practice Sales of The Great West (PPS) has more than five decades of experience selling dental practices in California, and you can trust us to provide the highest quality of service. Contact us today to learn more.