Roles: Yours and Ours

As seller and agent, we form a team whose mutual goal is to successfully sell your practice at a favorable price to a buyer you are comfortable with. Each of us has roles in the process.

This page addresses how each of us should approach the relationship and the process.

Our Role as Your Agent

Our role is to create a competitive market for the practice, but to do so in a discreet manner. We seek to maximize your practice’s appeal while employing safeguards to keep this event discreet from staff and colleagues.

We will reply to each inquiring party appropriately and provide whatever assistance he/she needs to tender a written offer. In most instances we find that we are educating a prospect about the essential elements required in an offer while still keeping it simple.

Your Role as the Seller

As seller, you will need to meet with parties interested in acquiring your practice. Your job is to tell your story along with asking insightful questions of each prospect. Your goal should be to understand exactly how they would fit into your practice.

When meeting with prospects, your primary focus should be on establishing trust and rapport. Your job is not to create competition for the practice, since efforts like this will not be trusted. You need not even discuss the price, nor do you ever need to feel that you are selling the practice. With our carefully designed sales strategy, the practice will sell itself.

Think of yourself as the gracious host conducting a private open house. You need to exchange philosophies so that you and the inquiring party are able to determine if this is an appropriate match.

Your role is to answer questions and interface in an informal manner. If the practice meets the needs of the prospect, and if trust and compatibility are established at the initial visit, the prospect will further explore your opportunity.

How We Work Together

As we receive inquiries and offers, we will support you as your advocate, advisor, consultant, facilitator and negotiator. There will be many instances where we address the strengths and/or weaknesses of a specific prospect with you along with walking you through issues that may cause concern.

We are also the traffic monitor as we process inquiring parties as they conduct their review of your opportunity. Should it be necessary, and with instruction from you, we will inform an inquiring party if they are not an appropriate match.

With each of us understanding and playing our proper role, we will greatly increase the likelihood of a quick, successful sale.

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Industry Expert and Client Comments

Represents Sellers Diligently

“I have represented many dentists for over 30-years for their business-related matters. During this time, I have had the pleasure of working with Ray Irving on many engagements. He is ethical, diligent and thorough in his representation of sellers, and diligent in preparing disclosures and supporting information. And he knows how to move a sale to a successful close.”

David A. Brown, Esq., Law Offices of David Brown, Walnut Creek

Felt Protected and Guide throughout the Process

“I thank you again for all your efforts throughout the sale of my practice. I felt so completely protected and well guided through the entire process. You and Edna were so kind to me and a pleasure to get to know.

And I thank you for referring me to Art Fries!! His advice and guidance through the disability process has proven immeasurable. I just heard from both insurance companies and both claims have been approved!! I am so relieved!!

What a stressful process. Now I can breathe and move forward. Off to Paris/NYC for three weeks!! Thanks again.”

—Victor Barcellona, DDS, San Francisco