Dental Practice Broker Reviews for PPS

Reviews from Clients

Unique Set of Testimonials Concerning a Practice Sold Twice Over 18-years

 “Ray Irving helped me sell my practice in 1995. I had an associate who wanted to purchase the practice, but I felt I needed someone who was older and more experienced. Ray had just the person and we completed the sale in two weeks. He handled all the paperwork and it was truly a smooth and problem free transition. My family and I have continued as patients.

—Mickey Sosin, DDS, Berkeley

 “Ray, you were keen from the onset to match me with the “right” practice, one that reflected my personality and experience. You even discouraged me from purchasing a practice you had for sale in San Jose because you felt it didn’t fit me. While other practice brokers were trying to force-feed practices on me, you searched for the appropriate one for me. When this practice came on the market, you quickly contacted me and told me that you had the one I was looking for. And you were absolutely right! Even though I have practiced dentistry for 27 years, I have never enjoyed it as much as I do now. I’m not sure I would be feeling this way if I purchased another practice less suited to my personal style.”

Joel Boriskin, DDS, Berkeley

 “Here it is 18 years later, and Ray Irving has done it again! 18 years ago, he found the ideal practice for me. I had been in general dental practice for 27 years and was looking for a change. I had really established my “practice style” and needed to find a practice that fit with my philosophy. The one he found was perfect and I spent 18 years really enjoying dentistry again. So, when it came time for me to retire, I called Ray. This time it was all about finding the right person to take over my practice; a person who had the experience, smarts, skills and vision to continue the success I experienced. Sure enough, Ray found literally the perfect match to take over the practice and I have not had a single complaint, call or issue since the day he assumed the reins. And in addition, Ray established a fair purchase price and was helpful in facilitating the process through to completion. Ray is a very special kind of practice broker who understands that a successful transfer is more than just an exchange of dollars. He gets that we dentists are very committed to our patients and our profession, and he expertly guides his clients through what can sometimes be a tense and emotional time in their professional lives. Thanks, Ray for all you’ve done.”

—Joel Boriskin, DDS, Berkeley

 “Now Ray has helped Joel Boriskin find the right person and again it was an excellent and experienced dentist, Doctor Erwin Yeh. I can testify to his abilities since he is now my dentist. I started the practice in 1975 and thanks to Ray there have been two smooth and productive transitions and the practice continues 39 years later.”

Mickey Sosin, DDS, Berkeley

 “I am writing to thank Ray Irving for all he has done in helping me understand the Bay Area dental market and for introducing me to a practice which he felt was a great match for my skills and experience.

“I contacted Ray in July 2010 to discuss a practice he had posted on his website. My initial conversation could have overwhelmed the best of dental brokers. In the prime of my career, I had a successful practice in Canada, but my wife wanted to relocate to the Bay Area to be close to her family. Having been a practice owner for 8+ years in Canada, I had specific requirements on what I wanted but a limited knowledge of the California dental market. This is where Ray went above and beyond a traditional broker and spent countless hours on the phone and in person with my wife and I to get an understanding of my needs as a dentist but also to understand the needs of my family in this whole relocation process. Not only did he discuss his own listings but took the time to inform me on which areas to consider practicing that would suit my needs as well as guiding me through the subtle nuances of practicing in California that a new owner should be aware of – especially the recent changes in Delta Dental’s policies. I did reach out to other brokers, but none took such a customized approach to finding a practice that would ensure my success or took the time to know me or understand my specific needs. Ray’s approach was so different and refreshing in trying to match the right dentist to the right practice so that all parties are happy as well as successful.

“In spring of 2013 Ray found my practice. The practice was exactly what was represented through his comprehensive evaluation and was exactly what I had been looking for in terms of its philosophy, location and production. In dealing with Ray, I felt that he had a strong conviction to match me with the ‘right practice’. This has made my transition incredibly smooth and successful with no unexpected surprises. I could not be happier and cannot thank Ray enough. He definitely knows the dental practice industry like no other and is truly the best at what he does.”

—Erwin Yeh, DDS, Berkeley

“I initially worked with a broker from the East Coast that I met attending a seminar on practice transitions. Although quite experienced in practice sales, his company didn’t know how special it is to live and work in Sonoma County. I chose to list with Ray because of his experience in the Bay Area and equally important his transition philosophy. Ray believed that the practice transition should result in a win-win for both buyer and seller. After practicing as the only dentist in a small West Sonoma County town, I wanted to find a buyer with a similar practice philosophy that would appreciate the uniqueness of my situation and could carry on my legacy spanning 35 years. As a result of Ray’s efforts, I had three signed full priced Offers. The Multiple Offers provided me the opportunity to choose that person who I thought would best fit into our community, staff and patient base. Since my wife and I continue to live in our community, we have had the pleasure of getting to know the buyers and have become good friends. The post-sale comments from friends and former patients have also been extremely positive. My transition truly has resulted in a win-win outcome and I continue to be grateful to Ray for playing such a big part in my successful transition into retirement.”

Steven McNeal, DDS, Occidental

 “Going from a mouth mirror with strong loupes to completing all the steps and transactions of selling a dental practice and associated real estate was beyond my comprehension but having you at my side working all ends of the endeavor was like watching a gifted conductor with a large orchestra being put to the task of making music out of a complicated musical score, and in the end an encore as called for. Your years of experience, professionalism, focus on details, amazing patience and dedication to getting me to this point are all something I feel lucky to have found. Previously I was listed for several years with one of the largest brokerage firms on the West Coast. The broker said my practice was very difficult to sell because of the location. You pulled it off in a year. I guess the difference is that he is a practice “lister”. You Ray Irving, are a practice “seller”. Thanks so much for setting me free.”

—Mark Harris, DDS, Eureka

“I purchased a $1 Million/year practice through Ray Irving at PPS of The Great West several years ago. I found Ray to be honest in all of his dealings. His itemized reporting of the assets and the presentation of the practice was extremely accurate. This was extremely important as I found other agents misrepresent the practice they were selling. Further, other agents did not consider if a buyer was appropriate for the practice as they simply wanted to close the deal. Ray was interested in the right fit from the start. Further, he was able to conduct the transaction in an efficient manner that was beneficial to all parties concerned. I am very pleased with the practice I acquired from PPS of The Great West and Ray.”

—Lakshmy Sudeep, DDS, San Jose

 “Ray, thank you for all your work although you represented the seller. Thank you for being fair to me, the buyer, and your comments along the way during the purchasing process. You definitely earned my trust and business. For my next purchase, I would definitely work with you again.”

—Hyo Kang, DDS, Modesto

 “When it comes to buying a dental practice, you have so many doubts and uncertainties, but working with the right people makes it a very easy task. I purchased a practice which Ray listed and the details he put into the Prospectus were amazing. He is such a great professional and always gives you his honest opinion. I believe if you are buying a dental practice listed by Ray Irving, half of your anxiety should be gone already. It’s such a pleasure working with him, performing due diligence, Letter of Intent, escrow, the closing and even after closing, he takes care of both buyer and seller. If I am selling a practice in the near future, I will not think twice and will call Ray Irving”

Devan Dalla, DDS, Elk Grove & Napa 

 “Ray: After two years of looking for the right opportunity, I finally have my practice. I investigated numerous opportunities through private sellers and other firms. I can say that the practices I investigated through PPS of The Great West were the most transparent in their presentation and that the due diligence information provided mirrored your offering packages. I did not find this to be the case with other practices I had investigated. Even though Ray represented the seller, he made sure that I had all of the information I needed to make my decision. There have been no surprises and I am very pleased with my purchase and now enjoy a very busy practice. You and Edna are good friends.”

—Gagan Kohli, DDS, Newark

“I had the pleasure of working with Ray Irving and PPS to find a buyer for my successful dental practice. The complexity of selling a dental practice are well known but my practice had a unique set of features making the task more complex. The practice was a high producer with a single practitioner and out of network for most PPOs to name a few and the task of finding the right successor was challenging.

“Prior to PPS, I worked with another brokerage. While diligent and knowledgeable, they were not able to complete the engagement. Ray came highly recommended. Start to finish, Ray guided me through all the steps of the process from meticulously collecting every bit of information about the practice, to taking the time to understand what set it apart from others and to limiting prospects to only those who fit the profile.

“What stood out about Ray was his ability to get all parties focused on the end goal. He was laser sharp as he worked diligently and collaboratively with the accountants, attorneys, landlord and the escrow company. When time was critical, he was persistent and relentless in resolving all obstacles.

“Finally, what I enjoyed in addition to achieving great results is Ray’s sense of humor, excellent communication skills and pleasant demeanor. He is always available and makes you feel as if you were his only client.

“Each industry has its specifics and unique requirements. During the entire process, I came to believe that in dental practice transactions, Ray’s knowledge and experience are unsurpassed.”

—Mikhail Tsotsiashvili, DDS, Old Oakland Dental, Downtown Oakland

 “Hi Ray. It has been 27 years since you called me at noon on a Friday in 1990. You outlined you had a great opportunity in Marin and these did not come up often. We spoke at length. I responded that I was tired of being misled and deceived by brokers “upselling” their listings. I stated I was skeptical of your assessment and income potential. But, as a result of your enthusiasm, I met with the dentist. When we later talked after my meeting, you told me that that this practice would allow me to make a good living, acquire a home and enjoy a nice life in one of the best family areas around. My response was that you were “BS-ing me!” I have promised you over many years walking by your booth at the CDA Conventions that I owe you a testimonial. Here it is. I operate a fantastic practice, I purchased a home a year after acquiring the practice and I live and work in San Rafael. You were very modest in your assessment of this practice. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

—Richard Creaghe, DDS, San Rafael

“We charged Ray and Edna Irving of PPS in June 2016 with an unusual mission: help us sell our practice to a qualified buyer for a fair price within 3 months. I had a unique opportunity to evolve my career in another direction, and it demanded a quick transition. We interviewed another larger brokerage firm but felt that PPS would give us more personalized service and more reliably deliver on their promises. The larger firm balked at our goals of transitioning so quickly without excessively low-balling our sale price. With the larger firm, we felt like a commodity… with PPS, we felt like we had a partner. PPS helped us price the practice fairly and move swiftly. We ultimately found a young dentist of solid character, who excitedly bought our practice so as to launch his career as a private practitioner. It was truly a win-win transaction. Everybody felt fulfilled in the end. My relationship with the young dentist continues to be positive and collegial. My family still receives their dental care at his practice, supported by my original office team. I recommend Ray and Edna as trustworthy practice brokers that go the extra yard as they help dentists open new chapters in their lives.”

David Lopes, DDS, El Dorado Hills

“Dear Ray. I want to express my gratitude to you for your services involved with the sale of my practice. My partner and I contacted several other practice sales firms. After interviewing them there was no question as to the personal touch and attention to detail you would and did deliver to us during the process. I felt that connection from our first meeting with you and Edna. You delivered that personal service and attention right up to the end of the sale. Thank you as well for bringing the buyer we finally chose at the 11th hour even though it may have added another hitch to the process. He ended up being the right person for the practice, for my patients and my staff. You obviously kept my best interests in mind and I appreciate the concern. Through the entire process it was apparent that your attention to detail is exceptional. With the complications of a duo sale made our situation very complex. The detail in our buy/sell agreement made it clear to me that you had all parties’ best interests in mind to allow the sale to proceed without problems. It has been two months since the transfer and not one problem has surfaced, and I certainly do not expect any in part due to your diligence. Thank you so much and should there ever be a need in the future you can be assured I will be in contact with you.

—David A. Stein, DMD, Salinas

 “Professional Practice Sales successfully marketed and closed the sale of my pediatric dental practice in four months bringing in multiple offers and a final sales price above asking. Ray Irving delivered an exceptional level of personal service, with attention to the legal as well as emotional aspects of this difficult process. His thorough preparation of all pertinent documentation afforded the buyer an accurate and complete representation of the practice performance and provided me with security and legal protection. Initially I did not realize that there are many unforeseen complications that can arise in this complex transaction. Ray’s vast wealth of experience was vital to bringing the process through to completion. He provided useful sage advice and counselling to both seller and buyer. This is a highly specialized market, and is no place for amateurs, discounters or impersonal corporations. I highly recommend the incomparable expertise of Ray Irving to orchestrate and conclude the sale of a dental practice.”

—George Mednick, DDS, Pedodontist, Santa Clara

 “Ray. Just wanted to say thanks again for all your work on the sale of my practice. This last Saturday we had the open house and the turnout was better than expected. It looks like Irving is being welcomed with open arms and I see nothing but success for him. Thanks for putting us in touch with Doctor Chao, even when it was “late in the game”. I also want to thank you for your advice, diligence, professionalism, experience, pretty much everything. You were the voice of reason when we couldn’t see the forest for the trees. It was comforting having you as our advocate. I cannot imagine doing this on my own or with someone less qualified than yourself. You are a true professional, you are appreciated, and I will certainly recommend your services to fellow dentists.”

—Gil Grado DDS, Salinas

 “Hi Ray. I thank you again for all your efforts throughout the sale of my practice. I felt so completely protected and well guided through the entire process. You and Edna were so kind to me and a pleasure to get to know. And I thank you for referring me to Art Fries!! His advice and guidance through the disability process has proven immeasurable. I just heard from both insurance companies and both claims have been approved!! I am so relieved!! What a stressful process. Now I can breathe and move forward. Off to Paris/NYC for three weeks!! Thanks again.”

—Victor Barcellona, DDS, San Francisco

“Ray: I wanted to thank you for your recommendations and diligence in helping me sell my practice. You had impressed me when I purchased a small practice several years ago and my decision to use your service again when I wanted to sell my practice in Monterey was an easy one. You were very thorough with your evaluation of my practice and analyzed both the practice and the market conditions to help me sell quickly in a hard market. I hear of other practices that linger on the market for many months, even over one year! We had several qualified and interested buyers in only a couple months and closed the deal far earlier than I expected. Your diligence allowed me to move forward and land a practice in the city where we are moving. We put my practice and our house on the market at the same time. Our house is still on the market, yet I have already purchased a new practice and have settled into a comfortable work schedule. Thank you again for making my dreams come true!”

—David Roholt, DDS, Monterey

 “I recently sold my practice and enjoyed an extremely smooth transition for myself, my staff and the new owner. Ray helped at every step in this transition. Selling a dental practice is a stressful life event. I had the pressure of dealing with a health issue that was forcing me to retire. Ray was always available to help me think through my options. Sometimes I would have questions that would surface late at night or on a Sunday morning, and I did not want to bother Ray at those times with a phone call. So, I would send him an email—not expecting an immediate response. To my surprise, a thoughtful response was only minutes away. His calm understanding and his professional advice helped relieve the anxiety of this transition. Ray was an attentive listener when I outlined the issues that were important to me, and he kept my concerns foremost in his mind as he looked for a good match for my practice. Ray helped evaluate potential buyers and advised me when he saw potential problems. He was always there to hold my hand when I was unsure of how to proceed. In summary, Ray was honest, hardworking and professional. He got the job done calmly and efficiently. I truly enjoyed working with him.”

—Marc Alexander, DDS, Healdsburg

 “When I decided to sell my orthodontic practice, I sought the services of a large company in the area recommended by my accountant. The broker was very nice and cordial, but I became concerned when after a few months nothing was happening. It seemed it was I who always called them and then only got excuses. Over the twelve-month contract I only had one prospective buyer even visit my office for a look. In the meantime, word was getting out that I was selling, and it began to have a devastating effect on my bottom line. Fortunately, I found Ray Irving and what a difference! He and Edna worked so hard and almost immediately found numerous qualified orthodontists who were interested. When I finally sold I was able to choose between two good offers. I can’t explain how grateful I am to PPS for their diligence, experience and competence from beginning to the end. My only regret is all the time and money I lost with the other guys.”

—Willard Zurcher, DDS, Orthodontist, Fairfield

 “Talk about ‘Mission Impossible.’ I had just been offered a position at the California Correctional Center in Susanville. My start date was April 1st. I had a very busy practice in Tahoe City. I needed help. I talked to a good friend who had used PPS in the past. Based upon his strong recommendation, I contacted PPS on January 2nd. Ray took charge immediately. With his supervision and directing my accountant, I compiled the package with a meeting set for February 23rd. I remember that morning well as it was snowing, and chains were required. Ray was at my door at 8:00 AM. We completed the listing that day. There were now 5-weeks before my start date. Ray delivered two full purchase Offers including the ARs. I had a choice of successors and accepted an Offer on March 14th. The sale closed on March 31st and I started my job on April 1st. Thanks Ray, I am so glad I placed my trust in you.”

—Jon Dickson, DDS, Tahoe City

 “Ray, thank you so much for delivering exactly what you promised. I had my practice listed with a competitor for over twelve months and had exactly two people visit my practice as a potential buyer. The first weekend PPS had my listing, I had three people visit my practice, and an offer by the end of the first week. Thank you again for allowing me to move on “It was a pleasure to have worked with Ray Irving of Professional Practice Sales. After 31 years of practicing dentistry in the same office, I had to sell my practice because of health complications. Mr. Irving appraised and listed my practice for sale on January 1st and we closed escrow on February 27th. It took him less than 60 days to complete the sale as promised. Ray Irving is a hardworking, reliable and diligent professional. He had the expertise to guide me through the maze of my practice sale. I feel fortunate that Mr. Irving was able to find a qualified buyer that I can trust my patients with. I would highly recommend Mr. Ray Irving of Professional Practice Sales for his excellent service.”

—Joseph Au, DDS, Pinole

“It gives me great pleasure to recommend Ray Irving of Professional Practice Sales of the Great West to sell your dental practice. During these uncere to sell my practice, especially since my practice was located in a community that was hit hard by home foreclosures. Ray was extremely professional, taking the time to pay attention to details and make sure the sale process went smoothly. Within a couple of weeks of listing my practice, I had several interested dentists looking at my practice. I was able to pick the right buyer, not just any buyer, for my practice which gave me peace of mind. Should you need to sell your practice in the future, I would highly recommend Ray Irving and Professional Practice Sales of the Great West.”

—Steve Ryan, DDS, Stockton

“It is with pleasure that I can most highly recommend Ray Irving of Professional Practice Sales. I practiced general dentistry for 28 years on the rural north coast of Humboldt County. When I decided to sell my practice, I knew it would be difficult due to the remote location. I was fortunate to retain the services of Ray Irving. With time, I came to realize that selling a dental business has many facets, requiring expertise in accounting, law, finance and even insurance. Mr. Irving has the expertise, the experiences, the contacts and great networking. And he is nice to work with. Under his guidance, we improved the value of our practice and became more organized. He guided us through the maze of paperwork, contacts and negotiations. Mr. Irving found a buyer who gave us full asking price. He told us when a CPA was needed, when an attorney was needed and referred us to a 1031 Exchange Specialist. As the process progressed, I was more and more impressed with the character, professionalism and value of Mr. Irving.”

—Allen Sanders, DDS, Redway

 “Ray Irving is a professional who cares about his clients. He goes above and beyond to make sure both buyer and seller are a good match. He does his homework to make sure there are no stones unturned. I have dealt with other brokers in a previous purchase and none of them have shown the care and concern that Ray offers. Because of Ray’s diligence, I have a practice that is rewarding and successful.”

—Frank di Bari, DDS, Redway

 “I operated both a general practice and a hospital- based pediatric surgery practice. As both practices had grown over the years, it got to the point where I had to make a decision as to which practice I would devote my full attention. As such, when I made the decision to sell my office practice, time was critical. I contacted Ray Irving and PPS of The Great West as both my wife and attorney had great things to say about their services. When I signed the Listing Agreement on June 1st, you (Ray) stated to me and my wife that you would have the practice sold by Labor Day. I did not place much credence in that timeline but appreciated your optimism. As you prepared the Offering Prospectus, I was very impressed with the attention you devoted as you forensically separated the hospital income from the office-based practice so that a clear presentation was made on the practice which I had for sale. As I result of your effective marketing, I was meeting with prospects in short order with three dentists showing keen interest. On July 24th I accepted an Offer and the sale was concluded on September 1st, two days before Labor Day. I never expected my sale to happen so quickly. Ray, you made good on your promise the day we sat in my office and I signed the Listing Agreement. 90-days later my practice was sold. Wow! Thank you.”

—Warren McWilliams, DDS, Carmichael

 “I want to thank you for doing such a wonderful job on the sale of my practice. I felt very confident at every step along the way that you had complete control of the situation and that I was in excellent professional hands. Selling something like a dental practice that you put your heart and soul into for so many years is very emotional and much more work that I thought. Thank you for walking me through each step so I didn’t feel lost and also for always taking into account that this was not just the sale of a piece of real estate, but something we worked very hard at and meant a lot to us. I went away feeling very good about turning the practice over to the new successor. Everything went very smoothly from beginning to end and that was due to you, Ray. Anyone would be fortunate to have you as the professional selling their practice. Thank you.”

—Randy Mitchell, DDS, Fremont

 “In 1971 I bought my practice in Ukiah from Professional Practice Sales, which at that time was managed by Ray Irving`s father Henry. With that good experience in mind, I contacted Ray Irving a very short time ago about selling the same practice. In today`s world, selling a dental practice is a complicated and a confusing process. I was very impressed with Ray`s knowledge, integrity, experience, efficiency and work ethic. The sale of my practice has reached a very satisfactory conclusion for all concerned. Ray Irving is responsible for this, and I highly recommend him”

—Dan Dutro, DDS, Ukiah

 “Recently I was thrilled with the speedy conclusion of the sale of my dental practice. Ray Irving is a man of determination and results. He knows how to get the best efforts from the seller as well as the buyer. I have had dealings with other prominent brokers in the past. I never worked harder to get a presentable package than with Ray’s direction and encouragement. Ray was also able to redirect my buyer who had some interesting (and unworkable) approaches to the sale. Ray absolutely took charge and made the deal happen! I called Ray because he had just sold my brother’s million-dollar practice without a hitch with similar energy and direction. Before I called Ray, I had a listing agreement with another prominent Northern California Broker. After eleven months without a sale, I called Ray and he sold it in about a month!!! Would I recommend Ray? Yes!”

—Donald Foulk, DDS, Campbell

 “Before dealing with Professional Practice Sales, I did deal with other brokers who I will say were very friendly, but unfortunately couldn’t get done what they were hired to do; which was sell my practice. Ray on the other hand did what was asked of him. He brought in many prospective buyers as he assured me he would. He is a very hard-working individual. (Often, I called at 6-7 pm and he was still there working.) Furthermore, he always returned calls promptly. Most importantly he got my practice sold in a minimum of time.”

—Alan Siedman, DDS, San Leandro

 “I contacted Ray Irving when I decided to sell my practice. This was to be the second time we have worked together. The reason I chose Ray over others I considered was his diligence in all aspects of the process. He completes an exhaustive practice inventory, assembles a portfolio of pictures, and gathers a complete financial package. He then assembles this in a complete practice profile which is marketed via the internet, email, print ads and direct mail. Within a very short time potential buyers became interested. This opportunity needed the right successor and someone ready and able to assume the responsibilities of a long established and large practice. That person was identified, and the transaction was completed. Though out the process, Ray is in constant contact with the buyer, the seller, the lender, the title company and any other parties relevant to the sale. Things do not slip through the cracks and if one is tardy in achieving a milestone, a frank reminder will be coming his way! A tremendous asset is the buy/sell agreement that Ray has developed over the decades. As it has been reviewed by many dentists and their attorneys, it is a tight, comprehensive document that is still easy to understand by the non-attorney. In fact, I did not need the services of an attorney to review it. Ray is a professional who both buyer and seller can trust to deliver an honest practice prospectus and honest opinions. I would highly recommend his services.”

—Grant Staley, DDS, Sacramento

 “I was referred to Ray through my accountant. From the beginning of the relationship with Ray, things could not have been smoother. At our first meeting we came up with a sales price that was agreeable to both of us. He then placed ads in a timely manner and before I knew it we had a prospective buyer. He was a great help in getting the sale to go smoothly. I would highly recommend Professional Practice Sales if you are considering buying or selling a dental practice.”

—Bergen James, DDS, San Francisco

 “Ray always made it a point to keep me on track with the whole process. Being that this was my first experience selling a practice, he educated me very well in all aspects of the sale. Ray has lived up to his name “PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE SALES”. I definitely am grateful for all the time, effort and kind attention from Ray. Great Job!!! ”

—Tatshyan Sihoe, DDS, Soledad

“When I decided to sell my dental practice and retire, I did some research and asked some retired dentists to recommend a broker. Many of them suggested Professional Practice Sales. I called Professional Practice Sales. Mr. Raymond Irving appraised and listed my practice for sale. I signed the contract on January 22nd and we closed escrow on April 15th. It took him less than 90 days to sell my practice… Mr. Irving worked very hard and did an excellent job.”

—Louise Cheng, DDS, San Francisco

 “I would like to recommend Ray Irving of Professional Practice Sales. He was instrumental in selling my practice in Watsonville to the right buyer at a fair price. Both parties came out of the deal winners which is really the name of the game. His expertise in handling the appraisal, marketing and sale of the practice demonstrate his experience in the field.”

—Robert Erlach, DDS, Watsonville

 “I will always remember your statement when I questioned your contract being for only four months. You stated, ‘If I can’t sell this practice in that time, you should get someone else.’ Well you did it with time to spare! The entire process went very smoothly, through presenting the practice on your website and through your screening and sending qualified prospective buyers to contact me. There were immediately three serious parties interested in purchasing the practice and an agreement of purchase was signed within a few weeks. Your experience and professionalism created an easy and efficient atmosphere to get through all of the details, changes by either party and all other items relating to finalizing and signing the Contract of Sale.”

—Robert Church, DDS, Elk Grove

 “Dear Ray: It was my pleasure working with you. No wonder all of my buddies tell me you are the best in this business. I really appreciate all the hard work that you did for me and my office. I will definitely refer all my friends to you. Thanks again.”

—Yongbeom Francis Byun, DDS, Hollister

 “With all the trials and tribulations of 25 years of dentistry and the myriad of difficulties with various dentally associated people, I would like most highly recommend Mr. Ray Irving of Professional Practice Sales. I had more than two dozen viable candidates (in days) as possible buyers for my practice. Ray very astutely pointed me to the best candidates and was always there for immediate contact, even on his business trip to Chicago. Ray goes out of his way to travel any distance and almost any day. How does New Year’s Day sound? ”

—Todd Lee, DDS, Dublin

 “In April, I asked Ray Irving to sell my practice. At about the same time, my friend also decided to sell his Santa Cruz practice. He employed the services of another practice brokerage firm. Within 2 weeks, I was deluged with calls and eventually was forced to restrict the number of dentists who were looking at the practice. The practice sold on June 22. I highly recommend Professional Practice Sales to sell your dental practice. There is a lot more to it than meets the eye, and it sure is good to have a seasoned professional on your side. By the way, my friend’s practice still hasn’t sold and last I heard he was putting his dreams on hold.”

—John Fenn, DDS, Santa Cruz

 “I have had the good fortune of knowing Ray Irving for about 14 years…. After having interviewed many of the other practice brokers, I quickly came to the realization that PPS was the most knowledgeable, the most experienced and the most professional of all of them. PPS has been more than fair to me both from the standpoint of being a buyer and a seller and has made what normally is a very stressful experience into a very easy one. Ray Irving has, I believe, the best networking system out there, thus improving one’s chances of finding the right practice to buy or finding the right buyer for an existing practice. If I were presently looking to buy or sell a practice I wouldn’t even consider anyone else except Professional Practice Sales for the job.”

—Anthony Dailley, DDS, San Pablo

 “Thank you very much, Ray, for all the hard work and professionalism, and keeping the transaction and parties interested and on track. It was a pleasure working with you.”

—Ruben Shahbazian, DDS, Livermore

 “I employed the services of Ray Irving of Professional Practice Sales to sell my general dental practice in the San Jose area and was completely impressed with his abilities. Initially, Ray performed a thorough and fair analysis of my dental practice in order to establish a solid fair market value of the practice. You can rely upon his experience and knowledge, which is based upon his own unique and in-depth expertise in selling dental practices. Since he is well known and respected in the dental community, Ray is also able to tap into the maximum potential number of buyers. As an example, I left on a two-week ski trip and when I returned there were already twelve prospective buyers lined up! In addition, the sale process was done in complete confidence, and Ray was able to ensure complete discretion. In summary, Ray was able to provide me with sound fact-based advice as to the practice’s value. He expedited the sale under extreme discretion, and successfully maximized the practice price. I highly recommend Ray to broker the sale of dental practices.”

—Carolyn Hitchcock, DDS, Cupertino

 “Ray: I am writing to express my profound appreciation to you for finding a qualified buyer for my dental practice. Your depth of experience, professionalism, thoroughness, genuine concern, constant availability and integrity made the deal. I was very pleased with the dollar value received, for receiving all cash up front and for the timeliness of your transactions. You were worth every cent of your commission. I will always be grateful to you for helping me make this important transition in my life. Thank you!”

—Leon Cooper, Jr., DDS, Salinas


Reviews from Industry Experts

“Hi Ray. Your ears must be burning because I’ve had two meetings this week and both times your name came up and everyone agrees that if you want a deal done right to call you. It’s not what people say to your face that matters, but what they say behind your back! I hope to be held in the same company as you one day. “

—Kevin Thurman, CPA, DentaLedgers Inc. | Nunnemaker & Associates Inc., San Francisco

“As a dental practice transition attorney, I have worked with Practice Sales of the Great West, and in particular, Ray Irving, on a number of practice transitions. I have been impressed with their extremely detailed approach to marketing dental practices and then selecting and working with the best buyer for a practice sale. It is clear that Ray puts in an enormous amount of work before a practice even reaches the market so that questions from buyers can be addressed ahead of time. During the transaction itself, Ray and his team remain very involved to ensure that the process flows smoothly and the transaction closes successfully.”

Robert Sanders, Esq. Law Offices of Robert Sanders, El Dorado Hills

 “I have worked with Ray for many years. Ray is a true professional who consistently delivers on his promises. He provides a thorough analysis to his clients and the market on why his valuations make the most sense. “Practice Sales” is an art to Ray. He does an amazing job of disclosing information, seen and unseen. He sets proper expectations and holds everyone involved in a sale accountable to tight timelines. Selling practices is not a “numbers game” to Ray. He seeks the right person at the right price for his client and the market. Further, I have reviewed thousands of finance packages. The packages Ray & Edna Irving produce on their “For Sale” practices allows me to make quick decisions which enhances my value to buying dentists.”

Phill Hoover, Senior Vice President, California Bank of Commerce, Oakland

 “As an attorney working with dentists for over 20 years concerning practice transitions and other aspects of dental practice operations, it has been my pleasure to work with many outstanding brokers, agents, accountants and consultants. I count Ray Irving high among such outstanding individuals. I have always found Ray to be technically proficient, knowledgeable and hard-working, not only for his client’s interests but for the best interests of both parties in order to craft a fair deal that will last long after the close avoiding possible disputes later. Any dentist looking to sell their practice would do well with Ray on their side.”

Daryl Weinroth, Esq., Law Offices of Daryl J. Weinroth, Novato

  “Hi Ray. I have never seen a more detailed Prospectus than yours, and I work with a number of brokers. I am impressed with the detail.”

—Kathleen Johnson, Kathleen Johnson Consulting, Inc., Port Orange, FL

“I have dealt with 99% of the brokers and agents in California as publisher of The Dental Trader. And I get constant feedback from dentists, dental attorneys, dental lenders and consultants. I know who is credible and who isn’t. There are parties I refuse to do business with because of their reputations. Ray Irving’s reputation is among the best. Has been for the 35-years we have done business together. He is direct, honest and trusted. Many of his peers’ pale in comparison. Most people highly respect and love the man. I am one of them.”

Bruce Carter, Publisher of The Dental Trader, Dana Point

“I have represented many dentists for over 30-years for their business-related matters. During this time, I have had the pleasure of working with Ray Irving on many engagements. He is ethical, diligent and thorough in his representation of sellers, and diligent in preparing disclosures and supporting information. And he knows how to move a sale to a successful close.”

David A. Brown, Esq., Law Offices of David Brown, Walnut Creek

 “As an attorney to 6,000+ dentists nationwide, I have worked with Ray Irving on numerous occasions. I have found him not only to be beyond reproach when it comes to ethics, I have found him to be extremely thorough, even handed and the cream of the crop of his profession. I deal with scores of transaction specialists nationally, some of which have earned bad reputations for how they treat potential buyers. I can say unequivocally that Mr. Irving has earned and enjoys a reputation that far surpasses many of his colleagues when it comes to the positive feedback of his clients, expert advisors and his colleagues.”

Jason Wood, Esq., Wood & Delgado, Irvine

 “I have been working with dentists in one capacity or another since 1980 ranging from practice start-up’s and transitions, to management consulting, accounting and tax. I have helped many dentists purchase practices over the years and found every transaction to be a new learning experience, each with its own challenges and learning opportunities.

“Over this almost 40-year period, I have become very familiar with many dental practice brokers. They have come and gone but since the beginning of my career one in particular has stood out as being consistent. Whenever Ray Irving of Professional Practice Sales represents a seller, anyone looking at that practice receives a detailed offering summary of all the pertinent information and necessary facts to make an informed decision concerning the possible purchase of that practice. Ray digs deep into every practice. He studies the demographics of the community, searches out the best financing alternatives, explores the premise lease terms and more. The investigating buyer shall understand top line and bottom line performance, the debt service dictated by the practice’s purchase and what is available to pay themselves for their efforts. This information is always laid out in an easy to read and understandable manner.

“Ray gets to know his sellers and gives them honest assessments of the value of their practices. He also makes sure that his sellers understand the journey they are about to embark on from the nuts and bolts of the necessary steps through the emotions they shall experience along the way and afterward.

“In my opinion this is where a broker creates real value for both his client the seller, and the buyer, because if any party to a practice transition is uninformed, the likelihood of that sale being completed is very low. With full disclosure to the seller before accepting an engagement, and extraordinary disclosure to buyers during the marketing phase, Ray ensures that the right buyer purchases his client’s practice and that both parties walk away feeling good about the deal. In being able to accomplish this deal-after-deal, Ray Irving has stood out in my mind as the complete broker and one that any dentist should feel good about working with.”

J. Haden Werhan, CPA/PFS, Partner, Thomas Wirig Doll Group of Firms, Member of the Academy of Dental CPA’s

 “During my 30+ years of working in the dental industry, I have the pleasure of meeting and working with many professionals. Ray Irving is one of the best. Ray’s appraisals are extremely detailed and his customer service even better!”

—JoAnne Tanner, MBA, Tanner Management, Granite Bay


About Our Reviews

Over the years, we have been fortunate to have served many hundreds of sellers and buyers. Because a dental practice sale or acquisition is typically an important point in a dentists’s life, we often receive letters and emails thanking us for the services we provide.

This page contains many of the reviews we have received from sellers, buyers and also dental industry professionals.

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