Role Playing

As Seller, you want to meet with parties interested in investigating your practice. Your job is to tell your story along with asking insightful questions of each prospect so that you understand exactly how they would fit into your practice.

You are to be the gracious host conducting a private Open House. You need to exchange philosophies so that you and the inquiring party are able to determine if this is an appropriate match. Your role is to show the office, answer questions and to interface in an informal manner.

If the practice meets the needs of the prospect, and if trust and compatibility are established at the initial visit, the prospect shall further explore your opportunity.

Our role as Agent is to create a competitive market for the practice, yet done in a discrete manner. We intend to maximize the practice’s appeal while employing safeguards to keep this event discrete from staff and colleagues.

Further, we shall reply to each inquiring party as is appropriate along with providing whatever assistance is needed so that an interested party can tender a written Offer. In most instances we find that we are educating a prospect as to the essential elements required in an Offer while still keeping it simple.

As Seller, your task is to simply meet with prospects and to establish trust and rapport. Your job is not to create competition for the practice as you will not be trusted. You need not even discuss the price, nor do you ever need to feel that you are selling the practice. With our carefully designed sales strategy, the practice shall sell itself.

As Agent, we are your advocate, advisor, consultant, facilitator and negotiator. There shall be many instances where we address the strengths and/or weaknesses of a specific prospect with you along with working you through the various issues which may cause concern. We are also the traffic monitor as inquiring parties are being processed in their review of your opportunity. And when necessary and per instruction from you, we shall inform an inquiring party if this is not an appropriate match.

Together, a partnership is formed between you and PPS of The Great West in our mutual desire to realize a successful sale. And through proper role playing, the sale shall be achieved in short order.

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Client Comments

Open House Turnout Better than Expected

“Ray, Just wanted to say thanks again for all your work on the sale of my practice. This last Saturday we had the open house and the turnout was better than expected. It looks like Irving is being welcomed with open arms and I see nothing but success for him. Thanks for putting us in touch with Doctor Chao, even when it was “late in the game”.

I also want to thank you for your advice, diligence, professionalism, experience, pretty much everything. You were the voice of reason when we couldn’t see the forest for the trees. It was comforting having you as our advocate. I cannot imagine doing this on my own or with someone less qualified than yourself. You are a true professional, you are appreciated, and I will certainly recommend your services to fellow dentists.”

—Gil Grado DDS, Salinas