Why Engage Professional Sales of the Great West (PPS)?

why-engage-ppsIf you are considering selling your dental practice, you may be considering other brokers. Here are 12 reasons you should consider listing with PPS.

There is no firm more experienced than PPS. We are an industry leader, and we literally pioneered the industry when we began operating in 1966.

  1. Our attention to detail and how we craft a marketing plan for each of our listings still sets the standard for the industry. We continue to get this feedback from buyers, the accountants reviewing our opportunities for their clients and the lenders responding to the buyers’ requests for funding practices purchased through PPS.
  2. We work with you in getting the right information together before the marketing begins. Your sale will never be hindered because of incomplete information being distributed to buyers.
  3. There will be no surprises. Your file will be complete from the start, allowing us to respond immediately to interested buyers. This facilitates their “due diligence” review being performed quickly. You will not get annoying phone calls requesting information that should have been gathered prior to starting the sales journey. Our only requests will be for updated financial data.
  4. Your practice will get our immediate attention. You will be meeting with buyers shortly after listing your practice with PPS.
  5. You and your practice will get the personal attention you deserve. You will never feel that your listing is being ignored because your agent has not made it a priority, or has simply spread himself/herself too thin to properly service your listing. We maintain constant contact with you, and your phone calls will be returned promptly.
  6. We are well respected within the dental, consulting, legal, accounting and lending communities.
  7. Closings typically are very quick in being achieved with most sales completed within 90-to-150 days after PPS publishes the listing.
  8. We are with you every step of the way.
  9. We do not require the longer listing periods for general practices as other brokers, where the duration can be 12 months. Our Listing Agreements for general practices are for a 6-month period if located in a metropolitan area.
  10. why-engage-pps/We have phenomenal lender contacts ensuring that the buyer is able to secure that loan best suited for their needs.
  11. We stress that buyers who are pursuing our clients’ practices engage financial and legal consultants. The executed purchase offers we tender to our clients are simple—not complex. And our sales contracts are thorough and well-documented. All of this is done with a single purpose in mind. We strive very carefully to eliminate post-sale problems for our clients!
  12. We employ a very strong “risk management” application from start to finish.  This protects our client, the seller, and results in a better informed buyer.

We sell practices listed with PPS. Let us sell yours!

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Client Comments

Working with the Right People Makes it Easy

“When it comes to buying a dental practice, you have so many doubts and uncertainties, but working with the right people makes it a very easy task. I purchased a practice which Ray listed and the details he put into the Prospectus were amazing.

He is such a great professional and always gives you his honest opinion. I believe if you are buying a dental practice listed by Ray Irving, half of your anxiety should be gone already. It’s such a pleasure working with him, performing due diligence, Letter of Intent, escrow, the closing and even after closing, he takes care of both buyer and seller. If I am selling a practice in the near future, I will not think twice and will call Ray Irving.”

Devan Dalla, DDS, Elk Grove & Napa