Private Practice is not Dead

Private Practice is not Dead. It is Simply being Re-engineered. Despite Chicken Little’s warnings that the “sky is falling”, the world did not end and she (more affectionately known as Henny-Penny) and her friends Rooster-Booster, Ducky-Chucky, Goosie-Brucie and Turkey-Perky all lived happily ever after. We have the power to create our own realities. Unfortunately, our filters sometimes have us [...]

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Selling Dental Practices in Today’s Marketplace

Selling dental practices today is not like it was in the past. have been involved in selling dental practices since 1975. Started when I was 23-years old as a second generation dental transaction specialist following my father’s footsteps. For those selling their practice today, it is important to understand that the marketplace is not what it was when you [...]

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Will a Private Dental Practice Survive the Changes Rippling Through Your Profession?

Step back and analyze consumers and the service industry. Witness Walmart, McDonalds, and Motel 6 flourish as do Neiman Marcus, The French Landry, and Ritz-Carlton. Walk through the cabin of a commercial airliner and observe the economic divisions. Do they compete with each other? They do not. Understanding the Dental Sales Marketplace Regarding the private practice niche in the dental [...]

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What Can We Expect From the 2021 Dental Marketplace?

The California dental marketplace is undergoing profound changes as a result of trends that have been occurring for years. Delta, for instance, is phasing out Premier providers and Dental Service Organizations are carving out a larger slice of the pie in the dental marketplace.  However, a greater number of dentists are graduating with student loan debt exceeding $500,000, which is [...]

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Private Dental Practice Has Never Been More Exciting

Private dental practice has never been more exciting nor better positioned than it is today.  The number of private dental practices in the marketplace is declining, and many dentists are learning that their practices do not appeal to the next generation of practitioners looking for dental practice listings. Some of the most common reasons why these practices aren't appealing to [...]

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Maximize the Value of Your Dental Practice

Delta Dental, America's largest dental insurance provider, has recently announced it will begin rolling out reduced fees for General Practice Premier providers. On July 1, 2021, Delta Dental will lower its Premier fees for endodontists, oral surgeons and periodontists.  Dental CPA Haden Werhan of Thomas Doll in Walnut Creek compared Delta Dental's contracted fees in January 2020 to the new [...]

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