Services We Provide to the Seller: Beyond Traditional Practice Brokerage

If you're listing your dental practice for sale, Bay Area CA based PPS has the expertise you need.When you want to list your dental practice for sale, Bay Area CA-based PPS helps dentists like you sell their practice. As a respected dental broker, our clients look to us for support and guidance in all aspects of preparing a practice for listing, marketing the practice and coaching on various aspects of the process.

In short, we do virtually everything you need to help you maximize your sale proceeds (and after the tax bite) and make the process as easy as possible.

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Our reputation and experience over more than 50 years has helped us develop an extensive and proven approach to helping dentists sell their practice. We go well beyond the level of service that most business brokers provide. Just ask our clients.

This page gives you a sense of the services that are included when you engage PPS:

  • Preparing you for this unique journey along with providing emotional support
  • Accurate appraisal of your practice’s value in today’s marketplace
  • Immediate introduction of the practice (electronically) to hundreds of buyers
  • Providing inquiring parties with detailed practice data, while maintaining the seller’s confidentiality
  • Helping interested parties review a targeted practice
  • Offering counsel throughout the entire engagement
  • Assisting the buyer and his/her advisors in the performance of their “due diligence” review
  • Drafting purchase offers
  • Providing advice and direction to our clients when confronted with multiple purchase offers
  • Opening an escrow
  • Securing the necessary title searches on the practice
  • Assisting in securing the purchase financing along with the necessary working capital
  • Drafting an expert sales contractPPS can broker your dental practice for sale bay area ca
  • Drafting the premise lease for clients who own the building and are not selling the property
  • Handling all aspects of the sale of the building or condo if this is also included in the sale
  • Assisting in resolving the allocations of the selling price in such a manner that the seller maximizes their capital gains
  • Providing sample letters of announcement and, if needed, drafting the letter
  • Assisting in finalizing the escrow instructions
  • Ensuring legal execution in the transfer of the fictitious business name, where applicable
  • Overseeing the execution of the sales contract
  • Coordinating efforts so that our client receives their purchase proceeds immediately
  • Being there from start to finish, and available 24/7
  • Offering post-sale advice
  • Maintaining a strong “risk management” theme throughout the entire process

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Client Comments

Smooth, Problem-Free Selling Process

“Ray Irving helped me sell my practice in 1995. I had an associate who wanted to purchase the practice, but I felt I needed someone who was older and more experienced. Ray had just the person, and we completed the sale in two weeks.

He handled all the paperwork, and it was truly a smooth and problem-free transition. My family and I have continued as patients.”

—Mickey Sosin, DDS, Berkeley

Had Three Visits and Offer in First Week

“Ray, thank you so much for delivering exactly what you promised. I had my practice listed with a competitor for over twelve months and had exactly two people visit my practice as a potential buyer.

The first weekend PPS had my listing, I had three people visit my practice, and an offer by the end of the first week. Thank you again for allowing me to move on to the next step of my life and being such a great agent.”

—Chris Stellpflug, DDS, Merced