What to Do Before You Contact PPS

Perhaps you are considering contacting PPS to have your dental practice appraised and marketed. Great! We look forward to working with you.

However, to save time and bring greater clarity to the process, here are some steps we suggest you take before speaking with a dental practice broker.

Talk to your tax advisor. Some sellers later determine that they are not prepared for the tax consequences dictated by a sale and subsequently abort when presented with an offer.

If there is a loan on the practice, contact the lender. Find out if there is a pre-payment penalty. You need to know if such a condition applies to your loan. We have had clients completely blindsided in the final phases of a sale when they then learn that there is an onerous pre-payment penalty on their loan.

If you are selling to retire, do analyze what your life shall be like without the practice. It might come as a surprise, but some dentists feel a complete loss of identity once removed from their practice. Will this happen to you?

You should determine if you have enough activities in your life to keep you busy and challenged. A busy, challenging schedule helps ensure a long and happy retirement. Plan ahead!

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Client Comments

Focus on Details, Patience and Dedication

“Going from a mouth mirror with strong loupes to completing all the steps and transactions of selling a dental practice and associated real estate was beyond my comprehension, but having you at my side working all ends of the endeavor was like watching a gifted conductor with a large orchestra being put to the task of making music out of a complicated musical score, and in the end an encore as called for.

Your years of experience, professionalism, focus on details, amazing patience and dedication to getting me to this point are all something I feel lucky to have found. Previously I was listed for several years with one of the largest brokerage firms on the West Coast. The broker said my practice was very difficult to sell because of the location.

You pulled it off in a year. I guess the difference is that he is a practice “lister.” You, Ray Irving, are a practice “seller.” Thanks so much for setting me free.”

—Mark Harris, DDS, Eureka