Past Sales- General Practices

This list is a representation of  PPS of The Great West’s extensive experience and expertise in this unique marketplace. This is not a complete list of the past sales realized.

ANTIOCH   Realized Profits of $228,800 in 2007 on collections of $400,000.

ALBANY   3-year old practice currently collecting $130,000. 2-days of Hygiene.

ANTIOCH   7-year old practice collected $235,000 with Profits of $120,000 on Owner’s 2- day week. 3- Ops.

ANTIOCH  2008 collected $396,000. 2-days of Hygiene.

ANTIOCH   Realized Profits of $228,800 in 2007 on collections of $400,000.

ANTIOCH  50% interest available in growing $480,000/year practice. Owner works 3.5 day week. Beautiful 5-Op office with $220,000 invested here. 15+ new patients per month.

ATASCADERO  Great opportunity to practice in desirable San Luis Obispo County. On limited schedule, annual performance is $160,000/year. 30+ new patients/month. Attractive 2-Op office.

AUBURN  Long established practice collected $62,000. What makes this attractive is sale includes 1,300 sq.ft. 3-Op “free-standing” building sited on main traffic artery. Lots of patients here.

AUBURN   6-day per week Hygiene schedule. Collected $867,000 in 2017 with Profits of $340,000+.

BAKERSFIELD  3-year old practice is coming of age. Collections for 3rd year totaled $157,500. Production for last Quarter reflects annual revenues of $200,000+. 3-Op office is extensively equipped and computerized.

BERKELEY   Relaxed schedule has generated $100,000/year last 4-years. 2-days of Hygiene. Extraordinary views of UC Campus from practice’s 8th floor suite on Shattuck Avenue.

BERKELEY’S ALTA BATES MEDICAL VILLAGE   Desirable Ashby Street location in drive-up office. Collects $85,000/year.

BERKELEY’S ALTA BATES MEDICAL VILLAGE   Practice realized best year ever. Collections topped $140,000. 2-days of Hygiene. 3-Ops in 1,000 sq.ft. suite.

BERKELEY’S ALTA BATES MEDICAL VILLAGE   Out-of-Network Practice. 3-day/week Hygiene schedule. 2003 collected $385,000.

BERKELEY’S ALTA BATES MEDICAL VILLAGE   Tracking $485,000 in production with 2-day per week Owner. 5-days of Hygiene. Nice office sharing arrangement. Current year anticipating collections of $460,000 with profits of $190,000. May be the best building in area. Great 5-op suite. Current tenancy arrangements continue for 10+ years.

BERKELEY’S ALTA BATES MEDICAL VILLAGE    3-days a week with 4-days of Hygiene. 2017 produced $580,600 with Seller producing $336,0000 and Hygiene producing $244,200.

BERKELEY’S ALTA BATES MEDICAL VILLAGE  $590,000/year in collections last 2-years with Owner taking 3-months/year. 1,980 sq.ft. suite has been tastefully remodeled into a bright and modern 5-Op office. 4-days of Hygiene per week.

BERKELEY’S ALTA BATES MEDICAL VILLAGE    2009 realized revenues of $598,000 and Profits of $252,000.


BERKELEY’S ALTA BATES MEDICAL VILLAGE   Recent 12-month snapshot produced $621,000 and collected $611,000. Currently tracking $625,000+ in collections with Profits anticipating $255,000+. AR balance is approximately 5-weeks’ production.

BERKELEY   Exceptional offering. Great North Berkeley neighborhood. Currently generating $650,000/year. 6-days of Hygiene. 4-Ops in attractive office. Long term staff shall continue.

BERKELEY’S ALTA BATES MEDICAL VILLAGE   4-day Hygiene Schedule booked 9-months. Annual Collections $675,000 or better last 3-years on 3-day week. Strong Profits.

BERKELEY’S ALTA BATES MEDICAL VILLAGE    Long established restorative practice has evolved into replacing earlier restorations and endos. Highly efficient with a “work smart, not hard” ethic which produced $690,000 and collected $667,000 with remarkable 55%+ Profit margin.

BERKELEY’S ALTA BATES MEDICAL VILLAGE    Brand new remodeled facility, computerized ops and digital radiography. Leasing arrangements for another 11+ years. Current year shall produce and collect $1 Million with $425,000+ in Profits.

BERKELEY’S SOLANO AVENUE    2012 collected $595,000 with Profits of $190,000. 8-ops in suite shared with 2-other Dentists. Total investment 3-years ago $1.1+ Million.

BERKELEY’S HUNTMONT MEDICAL BUILDING    Has been $385,000/year performer until Owner chose to cut back. Last year’s collections totaled $275,000. Office is practically brand new as $135,000 was just spent in equipment and renovations in this 800 sq.ft. 3-Op suite.

BERKELEY’S HUNTMONT MEDICAL BUILDING    On Owner’s 125- day work schedule, practice produced and collected $460,000+ with Profits of $172,500. 5-days of Hygiene.

BERKELEY’S HUNTMONT MEDICAL BUILDING   High quality C&B practice. 4-day week produced $480,000 and collected $447,500. Currently projects $500,000 year. 1,300 sq.ft. 4-Op suite.

BERKELEY’S HUNTMONT MEDICAL BUILDING   Current year shall produce $530,000 and collect $495,000. 3.5 days per week of Hygiene. 4-Ops in attractive 1,300 sq.ft. suite. Nice views of East Bay Hills.

BERKELEY’S SOLANO AVENUE NEIGHBORHOOD  Produced $710,000 and collected $687,000 for 12-months just ended. 4+ days of Hygiene. Housed in a 5-Op 1,100 sq.ft. suite.

BERKLEY’S ALTA BATES MEDICAL VILLAGE   Beautifully remodeled facility, computerized Ops, digital radiography. 2007 shall produce and collect $1 Million with $425,000+ in Profits.

BERKELEY’S WALNUT SQUARE   Collects $1.2+ Million. 6-day per week Hygiene schedule, patient base exceeds 1,500. Profits of $425,000 in 2012 on 2.5-day week with 6+ weeks off.

BURLINGAME   $80,000/year in revenues. Great location. 2-Ops.

BURLINGAME   Beautiful 3-Op office with over $126,000 invested. Includes $100,000/year practice with 250-active patients.

BURLINGAME    Beautiful 3-op office. Produced $182,000 and collected $175,000 on relaxed pace.

CALISTOGA    On 3-day schedule with Hygienist here each day, 2017 collected $359,000. Three Adec equipped ops. Little competition.

CAMPBELL   On relaxed schedule, practice Collects $150,000 and Nets $71,600. 3-Ops.

CAMPBELL   2005 produced $345,000 and collected $325,000 with Profits of $144,000. Central location.

CAMPBELL   Opened as a start-up August 2004, $389,000 invested with 3 Adec Ops, digital radiography, computer charting, Panorex . $600,000+ in 2011 collections.


CAMBRIA – CENTRAL CALIFORNIA COAST   Perfect for new Owner as practice just moved into brand new professional building. 5-Ops with Owner spending $90,000 in new equipment. Collections for year just ended totaled $292,000.

CAPITOLA   Young practice housed in beautiful office reflecting its $260,800 investment. 2006 produced $352,500 and collected $325,000 on part-time schedule.

CARMEL   Part-time practice producing $145,000/year. 3-Ops in 1,000 sq.ft. Successor who devotes more attention shall realize growth.

CARMEL   Well established in Carmel’s Village. Collecting $175,000with $85,000+ in Profits. 2-Ops in 450 sq.ft. office.

CARMEL   Revenues are $191,000 with Profits of $83,500 on 3.5-day week. 2-days of Hygiene. Top notch location. 4-Ops in 1,000 sq.ft. suite.

CARMEL  Collections totaled $230,700 with active patients of 800. Practice is housed in a very

CARMEL VALLEY’S VILLAGE   No competition. Beautiful office is digital and paperless. 2014 Produced $1.48 Million, Collected $1.47 Million and realized Profits of $690,000.

CARMICHAEL  Collected $369,000 with $202,000 in Profits in 2005.

CARMICHAEL  Produced $630,000 and collected $599,000 in 2006. Owner works 2.5-days/week. 7-days per week of Hygiene.


CASTRO VALLEY   On Owner’s 2-day week, collected $133,000 with $63,000 in Profits. 1-day of Hygiene.

CASTRO VALLEY   Strong performer. Currently collecting $320,000. Excellent Profits. 3- days of Hygiene.

CHESTER   Beautiful Lake Alamanor country. Nice single purpose country-style building on main drive. Collects $95,000/year.

CHICO   Strength is 4-day per week Hygiene Schedule and almost 100% Recall. 2014 collections totaled $450,000. 4-op suite with tenancy secured through 3/31/27.

CHICO   Out-of-Network Practice.  Annual revenues of $790,000 with $350,000 in Total Profits. Beautiful custom-designed 5-op office in 2,400 sq.ft. free-standing building. 4.75-days of Hygiene. No contractual adjustments.

CLOVERDALE   Nice “small town” opportunity. Located in attractive 1,000 sq.ft. 3-Op building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright’s firm. On limited schedule, produces $180,000 and collects $165,000. Great buy as Cloverdale is slated for growth with Del Webb development.

CLOVIS   Growing practice collecting $200,000+. Attractive country-décor office. 3-Ops.


CONCORD   Excellent platform to build upon. Retiring DDS collects $55,000. 3-Ops.

CONCORD – LATINO OPPORTUNITY   Collected $185,000 last year. Current year projects $200,000. 3-Ops in 850 sq.ft. suite.

CONCORD   Performance for first 6-months of 2016 has the practice trending $285,000+ for the year. 1,050 sq.ft. suite consists of 3-ops.

CONCORD    Opened 3- years ago, practice shall collect $450,000+ this year. 3.5- days of Hygiene. 3-Ops and Panelipse with total investment of $136,000. Sale includes condominium suite.

CONCORD   Collections for fiscal year just ended totaled $620,000 with Profits of $325,000. 50+ new patients/month. 8-Op facility. With proper attention, this practice can be a $1 Million/year performer in near future.

COTATI    2009 collected $375,000 on 19.5 hour week. 3-days of Hygiene.

CUPERTINO    Great starter opportunity. 4-year old practice shall collect $160,000 with Profits expected to be $75,000 this year. 3-Ops.


CUPERTINO    Great opportunity to practice in prosperous community. Collecting $250,000/year. 2-days of Hygiene. 4-Ops.

CUPERTINO   Housed in 1,800 sq.ft. 6-Op suite with $390,000 invested. 1,500-active patients and averages 20 new per month. Produced and collected $700,000 in each of the last two years.

CUPERTINO’S TOWN CENTER – GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR KOREAN DDS   3-day practice produced $170,000 last year. 1- day of Hygiene. 3-Ops, 2-equipped.

CUPERTINO’S TOWN CENTER   Recall supports 7-days of Hygiene. Owner works 4-day week, takes 8-weeks off. Produced $770,500 and collected $779,000. Attractive 1,250 sq.ft. 4-Op suite.

CUPERTINO’S VALLCO FASHION PARK MALL   28-month old practice has established itself very quickly. Currently annualizing $825,000/year in production with strong profits. Ortho Department, 6-Ops.


DALY CITY  $160,000/year practice with attractive Profits. 3-Ops. 20+ new patients per month.

DALY CITY   Shall collect $725,000 with $345,000+ in Profits. 4-days of Hygiene. $100,000 spent in new delivery systems and support equipment 5-years ago.

DALY CITY  Collections totaled $1.08 Million with $640,000 in Profits on Owner’s 4-day week with 6-weeks off. AR balance is less than $30,000. Housed in prestigious building. Facility is efficient 1,450 sq.ft. 5-Op suite.

DALY CITY’S WESTLAKE   Excellent platform for young Dentist. Older Dentist generates $100,000/year on 3-day week with 2-months off. 3-days of Hygiene. 1,000 active patients. 4- Ops.

DALY CITY’S WESTLAKE    Recent history reflects revenues of $140,000-to-$163,000/year with Profits of $86,000- to-$95,000. Tremendous upside for Successor who pursues elective treatments.

DINUBA  On Owner’s 2-day week, collections totaled $244,000 for fiscal year just ended. Will do better with Successor who devotes full attention here. 3-Ops.

DUBLIN   Out-of-Network Practice.  Excellent foundation. 3-Ops in 850 sq.ft. suite.  $230,000/year performer.

DUBLIN   This 3.5 day/week practice shall produce $390,000 this year. 3-days of Hygiene and averages 15-new patients/month. 5-Ops in 1,600 sq.ft. suite.

EL CERRITO   On 24-hour week, collected $110,000+. 500+ active patients. 3-Ops.

EL DORADO HILLS   $190,000 invested in high tech office. Fully computerized, networked, paperless & digital 6-year old 3-op office.

EL DORADO HILLS   Young practice loaded with high tech gear. Shall do $250,000 but wants to do more.

EL DORADO HILLS    Exceptional facility reflects $511,500 invested. Digital and paperless. Philosophy stresses customer service. 2015 Produced $697,000 and Collected $640,000.

ELK GROVE  Right off Highway 99. Custom designed suite. Generates $250,000/year on relaxed schedule.

ELK GROVE  Beautiful designed 5-op office with $175,000+ in equipment & furnishings. Revenue streams have ranged from $460,000-to-$550,000 year.

ELK GROVE   Package includes Condo. Collections have been $1.8+ Million last 2-years. 14-days of Hygiene booked 6-months out. Recall 99% effective. Well-designed 2,500 sq.ft. 7-op facility

EL SOBRANTE  Enjoys highly visible location in stand-alone building on Appian Way. $200,000/year practice on 3-day week.

EL SOBRANTE   Has been $350,000+/year. On Physician’s orders, Owner cut back with practice performing at $275,000/year. Housed in historic 3-Op ranch-style building on tree-studded lot on main boulevard.


EMERYVILLE   Growing practice shall produce $175,000 and collect $150,000. Adjacent to many high rise offices. One of only 2-practices in this community.

ESCALON   Practice enjoys captive market in small growing community rich in family values coupled with highly regarded school system. 4-days of Hygiene and 2,000 patients. Produced $588,000 and collected $574,500.

EUREKA   Low investment opportunity shall afford great lifestyle. On limited schedule, collects $45,000. Strong foundation of patients.

EUREKA  Great North Coast opportunity. Collects $120,000/year with Profits of $65,000. 3-Op office enjoys central location.

EUREKA  1,000+ active patients. Collected $205,000 with Profits of $91,000. 1,000 sq.ft. 3-Op suite.

EUREKA  Out-of-Network. Busy Hygiene Department operates 6-day week. 4-Ops Adec-equipped. Collects $992,000 on Owner’s 20-hour week with 10+ weeks off.

FAIRFIELD   3-day Hygiene schedule. Owner operates at relaxed pace 4-days per week. Collections in 2015 totaled $500,000 with Profits of $190,000. 4-ops.

FELTON  Great Santa Cruz Mountain community. Practice shall collect $210,000 this year with Profits of $95,000. 3- Ops.

FOLSOM   Located in Broadstone Marketplace Shopping Center. Great opportunity to acquire beautiful 2-Op office (3rd Op available) for far less than what it would cost to replicate today. With little attention, collected $148,800 last year. Yet, there was a 5-month period it produced $98,700.


FORTUNA   Collects $125,000/year. Located right on Main Street. 2-Ops in 700 sq.ft. suite.

FORTUNA    Minutes south of Eureka on Highway 101. Great lifestyle opportunity. Has been $400,000+/year performer. Current year projects $480,000+. Occupies 1,100 sq.ft. 3-Op suite.

FORT BRAGG   13-year old practice collects $180,000/year on Owner’s 22-hour week. Profits of $95,000+. 3- Ops with 4th available.

FOSTER CITY   Out-of-Network! Long established with strong Dental DNA!  Practice has never been full-time. Last 4-years has averaged $599,900 per year in collections.

FREMONT   Long established practice presents excellent base for Successor. Currently collects $90,000/year. 3-Ops.

FREMONT   Enjoys central location near Washington Hospital. Has realized collections of $201,500 to $251,000 last 3-years. Owner’s bad knees have impacted recent performance. 1,100 sq.ft. office consists of 3-Ops, Panorex and Intra-Oral Camera.

FREMONT   3-day week is tracking $350,000 with Profits of $160,000 for 2010. Gorgeous 2,200 sq.ft. facility with 5-Ops (3-equipped).


FREMONT  Enjoys central location. Collections for recent 2-years reflects revenues of $375,000/year on Owner’s 4-day week with lots of time off. 3.5-days of Hygiene per week. Practice is housed in a 1,000 sq.ft. suite with 4- Ops.

FREMONT   Five-years old. Collects $465,000 with Profits of $246,000. Enjoys excellent signage in landmark building facing busy intersection. Facility comprised of 1,200 sq.ft. and 4-Ops.

FREMONT   Beautiful and well-designed 6-op suite as evidenced by $365,000 here. 5-days of Hygiene. Net Production for 2004 totaled $613,000 with Collections of $549,000. Well-staffed, fantastic location.

FREMONT   Well-established practice with strong foundation. Cornerstone is 6.5+ day/week Hygiene schedule which is booked 6-months in advance and is responsible for 40% of the Production. Beautiful suite with 4-Ops and 5th available. Produced $647,000 with collections of $637,000.

FREMONT   Foundation is 4-day Hygiene Schedule booked 6-months in advance. Collections in 2014 topped $640,000. Well-designed 5-op suite.

FREMONT’S MISSION BOULEVARD AREA – RIGHT OFF I-680   Rock solid patient foundation with 7-days of Hygiene/week. $800,000+ per year performer. Beautifully designed and equipped 5-Op suite.

FREMONT   Great location, not far from Interstate 680. Collects $1.275 Million with Profits of $445,000. Just PPO, Indemnity Insurance & Private Pay patients. Attractive 6-op suite. Excellent upside for ambitious Successor. Has done better in recent past with more effort.

FRESNO  Growing practice shall collect $170,000 this year. 5-Ops. 25+ new patients/month.

FRESNO   Long-established practice enjoys great location with strong foundation. Owner limited by hand injury. Practice generates $300,000/year. Strong Recall System and 3-day Hygiene Schedule.

FRESNO’S FIG GARDEN   3.5 day per week Hygiene booked 6-months. 4-ops. 2013 tracking $430,000 with Profits of $165,000+.

FRESNO’S SAINT AGNES MEDICAL VILLAGE   Strong foundation evidenced by 4-day Hygiene schedule. Recent collection snapshot reflects annual revenues of $425,000-to-$484,000.

GARBERVILLE  2008 collected $315,000 with Profits of $103,500. 2-days of Hygiene.

GREENBRAE    Well-established, operates on 4-day schedule with 3-days of Hygiene. Collections have consistently topped $775,000 each of last 3-years. Great location. 3-ops.

GRASS VALLEY    Great starter practice. 800 files and averages 4-new patients/month. 2-Ops.

GROVELAND  Sierra Foothill practice generating $70,000/year on light schedule. Lots of patients.


HAYWARD   Growing practice currently collecting $215,000/year. 4-Ops.

HAYWARD   4.5-days of Hygiene. Collections have averaged $740,000+ last 3-years. Collections for first 6-months of 2018 totaled $460,700.

HAYWARD  Beautiful 6-Op office. $1 Million/year performer. Great curb appeal.

HEALDSBURG    Out-of-Network. On 18-hour week with 6-weeks of vacation, collections shall top $225,000. 2-ops with 3rd wired and plumbed.

HEALDSBURG   Anchored by a 4-day Hygiene schedule. Collections in 2011 totaled $547,000 with Profits of $235,000.

HOLLISTER   Large patient base with 25+ new/month. Located next to Hospital. Owner works relaxed 28- hour week with 4-weeks off. Currently tracking $400,000 in Production with Collections of $390,000 and Net Profits of $200,000. Housed in upgraded suite which is ADA Compliant.

HOLLISTER   Great location. Practice is waiting for someone to open doors full- time! Recent history reflects $425,000 in annual collections with full-time attention. On reduced 2.5 day schedule due to second practice, annualizing $360,000/year. Very profitable. Great facility. This is a HOME RUN just waiting to be hit!

HOLLISTER    On Owner’s 4-day week with 5-days of Hygiene, produced $890,000 and collected $770,000 with Profits of $340,000+. Housed in impeccable 1,800 sq.ft. 4-Op suite with nothing lacking. Computer systems recently upgraded with Ops now computerized.

IONE   Located in Lower Sierras near Jackson. Collects $155,000/year on 3-days. $90,000 in Profits. 3-Ops.

JACKSON    Relaxed practice produces $100,000/year with exceptional profits. 8+ new patients per month.

JACKSON  Great starter practice in this growing community. 3+ years old, growing practice shall produce $190,000 this year. 30 new patients per month.


KENTFIELD   $200,000/year revenue stream with unmotivated Owner. Beautiful 2-Op office (3rd Op available) at investment of $100,000+.

KENTFIELD   Out-of-Network. 2017 produced $2.365 Million and collected $2+ Million. 2018 trending $2.2 Million with Profits of $700,000. Location shall generate “fee-for-service” patients in perpetuity.

LAFAYETTE   Nice location in upscale community. Well thought of practice collects $85,000.

LAKEPORT   Well established. 3-Ops with views of Clear Lake. Collects $125,000.

LAKEPORT   Picturesque setting as practice sits right on edge of Clear Lake. Practice is annualizing $235,000 in production and realizes excellent Profits. 3-Ops all have lake views.

LAKEPORT  Housed in a well-maintained lakefront office. 5+ days of Hygiene. Revenues for fiscal year ended 8/31/18 totaled $785,000 with $312,000 in Profits.

LINCOLN    Collected $1.05 Million. Nice Profits on Owner’s 13-hour week. Busy Hygiene Department.

LINCOLN    6-days of Hygiene. Practice generates collections of $1.1 Million per year with Profits of $425,000+. 2,200 sq.ft. suite and utilizes 6-Ops. Digital Pano, Sirona Cerec.

LIVERMORE   Operates on 4-day schedule. Produced $420,000 with collections of $362,000. Year-end profits are expected to top $190,000. Enjoys efficiently designed 1,200 sq.ft. suite with 3-Ops. Total investment $150,000.

LIVERMORE   Opened less than 4-years ago. 4-Ops, computer charting and digital radiography. Collections tracking $420,000+ in 2011.


LOS ALTOS   Owner works relaxed 3-day week. Revenue streams last couple of years reflect collections of $250,000/year with Profits averaging $120,000. Housed in 3-Op suite.

LOS GATOS   Oak Meadow Drive location. Collects $60,000/year. Lots of patients.

LOS GATOS   3-Op practice enjoys great location on busy traffic artery. Collects $120,000/year.

LOS GATOS   Lots of goodwill in this long established Oak Meadow Drive practice. Operates on 27-hour week with 3-months off. Collections have averaged $222,000/year the last 3-years.

LOS GATOS   Fronts busy traffic artery. Everything new since opened August 2006 with over $215,000 invested. Paperless. Collected $240,000 in 2011.

LOS GATOS VILLAGE    Opening 2006 is a beautiful 1,850 sq.ft. 6-op suite. Produced $905,000 and collected $775,000 for 12-months ending 10/31/14. Tenancy secured through 11/30/30.

MAGALIA    Practice enjoys great visibility with office located on Skyway. 3-Op practice collects $210,000/year.


MANTECA   Collected $190,000 and Netted $90,000 last year. Attractive 3-Op office.

MANTECA   15-year practice is collecting $242,000/year. 1,500 sq.ft. 5-Op suite.

MARINA   Young Monterey Bay practice is collecting $150,000. 20+ new patients/month.

MARIPOSA   Attractive busy country practice. Collecting $225,000/year. Extensive patient base.

MARYSVILLE    North Sacramento Valley community. Currently collecting $110,000/year.

MARTINEZ   On 2-day schedule, practice generates $80,000/year. 300-active patients. 2-Ops with 3rd available.


MENDOCINO   Right from a “Thomas Kinkade” painting. Located on Main Street in historic free-standing building behind white picket fence with path bordered by flowers and lawn. Sits high on a bluff with uninterrupted views of ocean. 2-Ops generates $120,000 per year on relaxed schedule.

MENLO PARK   $300,000/year performer with attractive Profits. 25-new patients per month. 3-days of Hygiene. 6-Ops.

MENLO PARK   Great downtown location includes condo. Currently tracking $375,000+. 3-Ops in great condition.

MENLO PARK   On Owner’s 3-day week with 2- months off, collections for year just-ended totaled $455,000. 5-days of Hygiene. 6-Ops in 1,300 sq.ft. suite.

MERCED   On 3.5 day schedule, 2012’s collections totaled $348,000 with strong Profits. 3-ops.

MERCED   On Owner’s 28-hour week with 2+ months off, practice collects $375,000 with Profits of $209,000. Attractive 3-Op office.

MERCED    Vibrant “bread & butter” practice. 2008 collected $770,000. Profits of $339,000. 4-days of Hygiene.

MERCED    Performing at $400,000/level with 50% Net Profits. 4-days of Hygiene and 30-new patients/month. 3-Ops in 1,200 sq.ft. suite.


MILLBRAE   On 2-day week, collects $140,000+ with $90,000 in Profits. 2-Ops in 600 sq.ft. suite.

MILLBRAE   Collects $255,000 on 3-day week with 2-months off. $140,000 in Profits. 3-Ops in 660 sq.ft. suite.

MILLBRAE   Great location, beautiful office and strong Front Desk employee. 2010 $725,000 with $370,000 in Profits.

MILL VALLEY  45+ year practice with lots of Goodwill. 2-Ops. Collects $50,000 per year.

MILL VALLEY   Great nucleus to expand upon. Currently collects $60,000 with conservative DDS. 2-Ops.

MILL VALLEY   On 18-hour week, 2003’s collections totaled $205,000. When Owner devote more time here, collections totaled $270,000+ in recent past.

MILL VALLEY   2005 is tracking $535,000+. 2-days of Hygiene and low Accounts Receivable balance.

MILPITAS   This offering consists of 2-separate practices operating out of the same 1,500 sq.ft. 4-Op suite with both Dentists wishing to retire. Total of 1,900 active patients. Combined collections total $473,000 with Profits being $231,000.

MILPITAS   $300,000 spent in upgrades. Computerized Ops & digital radiography. $540,000 in collections with $195,000 in Profits.


MILPITAS – REQUIRES VIETNAMESE BUYER    5-year old practice realizes part time attention from Owner. On 2-day schedule, collections totaled $86,800. Practice occupies 1,200 sq.ft. suite consisting of 4-Ops (2- equipped). Located in busy strip shopping center.

MODESTO COFFEE ROAD   Growing practice shall collect $75,000 in 3rd year. 3-Ops.

MODESTO’S COFFEE ROAD   Attractive opportunity. Current year shall top $100,000 on 3-day schedule.

MODESTO – NORTH COFFEE ROAD   Attractive 1,105 sq.ft. 3-op. New computers, new server and digital radiography. Collects $380,000. 2 Hygiene days per week.

MODESTO    2-day week realized Profits of $211,000 in 2013 on Collections of $404,000. Owner stretched too thin with other responsibilities. 1,600 sq.ft. 4-op office.

MODESTO   4-ops. 2011 collected $478,000. Profits totaled $198,500.

MODESTO   Absentee-owned. When given attention of hands-on Owner, collections totaled $535,000. On 3-day week, 2015 collected $434,600 and with $156,300 in Available Profits after removing Associate compensation. 5-op suite.

MODESTO   3-day per week Hygiene Schedule. Revenues have averaged $645,000-to-$700,000 per year. 4-Ops, digital radiography and Orthopan.

MODESTO   North Coffee Road. 2016 collected $705,000 with Profits of $240,500. Schedule then reduced to 2-days a week. 2018 collected $408,000 with Profits of $179,000.

MONTCLAIR   3-day per week Hygiene Schedule. Net Production in 2016 totaled $696,000 with collections of $653,000. Owner averages 7-to-8 weeks off each year.

OCCIDENTAL   Beautiful Adec-equipped 3-op suite. 2012 trending collections of $860,000. Profits first 9-months of 2012 totaled $266,000+. 4-days of Hygiene.

MONTEREY’S PILL HILL   Lots of goodwill in this 30+ year practice. Collects $45,000/year on limited schedule.

MONTEREY’S PILL HILL   Solid performer collected $185,000 with $93,000 in Profits. 3-Ops in 800 sq.ft. suite.

MONTEREY   Operating on 3-day schedule with 4-weeks off, practice shall collect $370,000 this year. Yet, this is an “off” year as previous 3-years have averaged collections of $454,500/year. Great location.


MORGAN HILL   Produced $175,000 and collected $154,000 last year. Excellent opportunity for younger Dentist who integrates external marketing. 3-Ops in attractive suite.

MOUNTAIN VIEW   Located in Medical Village surrounding El Camino Hospital and adjacent to Los Altos and Los Altos Hills. 800-active patients. Has been a consistent $300,000+/year producer.

MOUNT SHASTA    $598,000 in Profits in 2016 from collections of $992,000 on 3-day week. Demographics reflect economically stable retirees. 3-days of Hygiene, digital Pano.

NAPA  Relaxed Owner collects $60,000/year. 2-Ops. Will do more with Successor.

NAPA  Currently collects $80,000/year. 3-Op office. Will grow with more attention.

NAPA  Owner recently upgraded with new equipment and leasehold improvements totaling $126,000. Current year is on track to produce $425,000. 4-days of Hygiene per week.


NAPA   Package includes condo. Without marketing, 2016 realized 179 New Patients. 4-day Hygiene Schedule. Collections last 5-years averaged $1.27 Million. $850,000 invested in tenant improvements, furnishings, equipment and technology.

NEVADA CITY    Great Sierra Foothill location. 700-patients in 2-op office.

NEWARK   4-year practice collected $200,000 with Profits of $101,000. Attractive office with 3-Ops (2- equipped). $120,000 total investment.

NEVADA’S STATELINE    Out-of-Network! Recent Fiscal Year, Profits totaled $239,000 on Collections of $608,000 in relaxed maintenance mode. Enjoys best location in 5-op suite.

NEWPORT BEACH   Strong practice as evidenced by 13-days of Hygiene each week. 9-ops in 2,500 sq.ft. suite. Annual revenues of $2.45 Million in production, $1.8 Million in collections and strong profits on Owner’s 3.5-day week.

NEWARK   On 3.5-day week with 9-weeks off, 2010 Produced $913,000 and collected $883,000 with Profits of $360,000. 6+ Hygiene days per week.

NEWMAN   2016 realized $657,000 in collections with Profits of $350,000. Highly regarded. Tenancy secured through 8/31/2026.

NOVATO   3-day practice produces $225,000 and collects $205,000. Great central location. 3-Ops in 725 sq.ft. suite.

NOVATO    Adec delivery systems, Adec cabinetry, digital radiography, paperless charting. Great location in signature building. Revenues in 2017 totaled $235,000 with Profits of $109,600 on 160-days.

NOVATO   Custom designed 2-year old 4-Op facility. Collects mid-$300,000/year. Enjoys phenomenal exposure on busy boulevard right off Highway 101. Building is optional purchase.

NOVATO   Fee-for-service with the exception of Delta Dental. Collects $575,000 with Profits of $245,000+. 4-days of Hygiene. Housed in efficient 850 sq.ft. 3-Op suite.


OAKLAND   Well established with extensive patient base. Collects $180,000 with $90,000+ in Profits.

OAKLAND’S FRANKLIN STREET BUILDING  Fee-for-Service practice. For year just ended, collections totaled $801,000. 5-days of Hygiene. Attractive 2,000 sq.ft. 5-Op suite.

OAKLAND’S FRUITVALE DISTRICT   Located at entrance of soon-to-be-built Fruitvale Transit Village, a $100 Million mixed-use development. 3,400 sq.ft. 11-Op suite at investment of $275,000 just 3.5-years ago. $894,000 in collections with Profits to non-patient treating Owner of $193,000. If Owner delivered patient care, Profits would have exceeded $300,000.

OAKLAND’S LAKESHORE VILLAGE    Only practice in Village. Three Adec-equipped ops. Paperless. Profits $300,000+ in each of last 3-years with Collections averaging $738,000.

OAKLAND’S “OLD” DOWNTOWN    2013 collected $2 Million with Profits of $1.1 Million. Performance realized by One Dentist. Paperless and digital. Goldmine location secured through 2031.

OAKLAND HILLS – NEAR MILLS COLLEGE   Located in cute bungalow office in garden setting. On 10-hour week, collects $80,000 and Nets $40,000. 750 sq.ft. 2-Op suite.

OAKLAND’S PILL HILL – SEEKS FEMALE SUCCESSOR   $205,000+ invested in beautiful 2-op suite. Relaxed pace shall collect $260,000 with $100,000+ in Profits.


OAKLAND – NEAR BERKELEY BORDER   Realized $490,000 with $267,000 in Profits. Bright 1,250 sq.ft. 4-Op office.

OAKLAND’S PILL HILL  $90,000/year and growing. Many patients. 2-Ops with 3rd available.

OAKLAND’S PILL HILL   Consistent performer shall collect $110,000. 3-Ops.

OAKLAND’S PILL HILL   Collects $130,000/year. Strong Profits. 3-Ops.

OAKLAND’S PILL HILL   Well managed practice realizes Profits of $85,000 on collections of $175,0000. 3-Ops.

OAKLAND’S PILL HILL   $205,000+ invested in beautiful 2-op suite. Relaxed pace shall collect $260,000 with $100,000+ in Profits.

OAKLAND’S PILL HILL   Enjoying consistent growth each year, practice currently produces $290,000 and collects $255,000. 15+ new patients/month. 2-days of Hygiene. 4-Ops.


OCCIDENTAL   Beautiful Adec-equipped 3-op suite. 2012 trending collections of $860,000. Profits first 9-months of 2012 totaled $266,000+. 4-days of Hygiene.

ORINDA   Revenue streams of $220,000 with $103,000 in Profits on Owner’s 2-day week. One Hygiene day per week. 12-new patients/month.

OROVILLE    Retiring DDS offering long established practice. 3-Op suite. Collects $110,000+.

PALO ALTO   Nice springboard to start practice. Collects $50,000/year on limited schedule.

PALO ALTO   Great opportunity to practice in desirable Mid-Peninsula community. $65,000/year. Lots of patients.

PALO ALTO   Collects $130,000+ year. Highly regarded with many patients. 3-Ops.

PALO ALTO’S DOWNTOWN   $200,000/year practice with $95,000 in Profits. 900 active patients and averages 10-new patients month. 3-Ops.


PETALUMA  Great small town practice. 1,000 patients in 2-Ops. Nice location.

PETALUMA   Upscale westside location. Part-time practice collects $65,000/year. 2-Ops.

PETALUMA   Operates on 17-hour week. Produced $150,000 and collected $147,000. 1,000 sq.ft. 3-Op suite. Nice foundation to build upon.

PETALUMA   Great westside location. On relaxed schedule, revenues shall top $315,000. $91,000 spent in upgrades.

PETALUMA’S WESTSIDE   3-days of Hygiene per week. Produced $514,000 – collected $468,600 and realized Profits of $212,500 in 2015. Digital and paperless.

PETALUMA    On 30.5-hour week and 181-days worked, produced $535,000 and collected $506,000 last year. 6-days of Hygiene. 1,000 sq.ft. 4-Op suite has recently been remodeled, re-equipped and computerized. Sale includes condominium.

PIEDMONT    Collecting $100,000 with $60,000 in Profits. 3-Ops.

PINOLE   Foundation consists of 900 patients. Owner works relaxed 4-day pace, 3-days of Hygiene per week. Revenue streams have ranged from $434,500 to $450,000 last 3-years.

PINOLE   $176,000 invested in tenant improvements and new 3-op delivery systems. Collections last 2-years have averaged $502,000 per year. 4-day per week Hygiene schedule.

PINOLE   Collections averaged $640,000 with Profits of $300,000 from 2004 thru 2007.

PINOLE   4-days of Hygiene. Just concluded fiscal year collected $709,500 with Profits of $265,000. And this occurred with Owner taking considerable time off.

PISMO BEACH   Beautiful ocean setting with mountains and valleys beconing. Attractive office just had a complete makeover. Collects $375,000/year.

PLACERVILLE   Strong history. Best location in Town. Phenominal staff, 5-days of Hygiene and sound cash flow management. Well equipped.  Collects $700,000+ per year with profits of $285,000+.

PLEASANT HILL   Recent Front Desk hire is Practice Superstar. 1,600 sq.ft. 5-op suite. Collections last four years have averaged $400,000 with Profits averaging $170,000.


PLEASANT HILL   On 3.5 day/week, collected $535,500 with Profits of $239,000. Current year shall realize $600,000. Attractive 1,440 sq.ft. 5-Op office.

PLEASANTON   Excellent starter. 2-years old with Owner never able to devote much attention. 160 files and 8-new patients month. Nice 2-Op office with 3rd Op available.

PLEASANTON   $400,000+ per year performer. 4-Ops with Owner’s total investment being $230,000. 2-days of Hygiene.

PLEASANTON   Attractive office with complete remodel occurring 3-years ago. Collected $500,000 per year last 2-years with Profits being $261,700 in 2011.

PLEASANTON   Architecturally stunning. Each Op equipped with hidden computers, fully digitized x-ray system and software geared for practice enhancement and administration. $450,000+ investment secured by Premise Lease through 2024. Year recently ended produced $564,000 and collected $556,000. Current year is tracking $665,000+ in charges.

PLEASANTON   2010 collected $692,000 with Available Profits of $402,800. First 3-months of 2011 has practice tracking $900,000+.

POLLOCK PINES    Located at Snowline in El Dorado County. Profits of $252,000 on collections of $563,000. Current year tracking $625,000+ Production and $600,000 in collections. Strong 4-day Hygiene schedule. Package sale included high visibilty building housing practice.

PORTERVILLE   Lower Sierra Foothill practice shall collect $240,000 with Profits expected to be $140,000+. Housed in a beautifully restored “turn-of-the-century” Queen Anne residence. 2-Ops.

RED BLUFF   Practice is situated in attractive historic Victorian home which has been tastefully converted to a 3-Op dental office with room to expand. Owner works 22- hour/week while taking 6+ weeks off. Collected $269,800 last year on this schedule.

REDDING   3-Op office has views of Sacramento River. Growing practice collects $110,000.

REDDING   With focus on removable prosthetics, practice shall collect $120,000 with extraordinary Profits.

REDWAY  Located in beautiful South Humboldt County country setting. Owner works 3-day week with 4-days of Hygiene. Performance consistently tops $300,000/year yet practice wants to do more. Practice could easily expand to fourth day.

REDWAY  Great Southern Humboldt County location just off Highway 101. Year just ended produced $780,000 and collected $764,000 on 4-day week. Low AR balance. 6-days of Hygiene/week. 5-ops.

REDWOOD CITY   Profits of $77,600 on collections of $129,400 last year. Current year projects $140,000. 2-Ops in 600 sq.ft.


REDWOOD CITY   Collections last 5-years have averaged $899,000 with Profits averaging $450,000. Yet, there is room for growth. Ideal purchase by two Dentists. Operates out of a 5-Op suite.

RENO  Collects $80,000/year with Profits of $40,000. 800+ patients. 3-Ops.

RICHMOND  Collects $120,000/year on 3.5 day week and 1-day of Hygiene. Sale includes free-standing building.

RICHMOND   On 3-day week with 3-months off, will produce and collect $190,000. 6-Ops.

ROHNERT PARK    Fantastic opportunity to practice and live in area renowned for its wonderful and unique lifestyle. Well established practice sustains 6-day/week Hygiene schedule while Owner practices “nuts & bolts” dentistry. Current year is tracking $1.1+ Million in collections and $420,000 in Profits.

ROHNERT PARK   After producing $596,700 and collecting $554,500 previous year, Owner reduced time by referring Pedo, Oral Surgery and Endo. On 164 days coupled with 230+ days of Hygiene, produced $527,300 and collected $510,700. Housed in attractive 1,600 sq.ft. 5-Op suite.

ROHNERT PARK   Tracking $660,000 in collections and $310,000 in Profits. Great Hygiene Department.

ROHNERT PARK   2017’s Revenues topped $1 Million with Profits exceeding $510,000 again. 6-days of Hygiene here. Hygiene back-log warrants two more days per week.

ROHNERT PARK   6-day/week Hygiene schedule. 2007 tracking $1.1+ Million in Collections and $420,000 in Profits.

ROSEVILLE    Located alongside Douglas Boulevard. 4-ops. Seller is “Old School” which presents great upside through visible practice branding. Current year tracking $350,000


SACRAMENTO   Growing practice shall collect $300,000+ this year with $150,000 in Profits on 3-day work week with 3.5 days of Hygiene. 3-Ops and computerized.

SACRAMENTO   Profits have averaged $211,700 last 2-years on Collections averaging $349,000.

SACRAMENTO   Spacious facility, great exposure, phenomenal Hygiene Department. Tracking $1.25+ Million/year with $375,000+ in Profits for part-time Owner!

SACRAMENTO – RIGHT OFF CAPITAL CITY FREEWAY   Great purchase opportunity. Profits have averaged $211,700/year the last 2-years on Collections averaging $349,000/year. Includes Biolase Waterlase Millennium Laser.

SACRAMENTO’S CARMICHAEL   Great location, and attractive 3-Op office. Annual revenues of $80,000.

SACRAMENTO’S CARMICHAEL   Right off I-80 near intersection of Auburn Boulevard/Madison Avenue. Collected $205,000 last year. 4-days of Hygiene. 4-Ops.

SACRAMENTO’S CARMICHAEL  Steady performer realized $365,000+ with $200,000 in Profits on part-time schedule. No PPO’s here!

SACRAMENTO FOOTHILL COMMUNITY – LINCOLN    Another great year with collections of $1.050 Million. $340,000 in Profits on Owner’s 13-hour week. 5-days of Hygiene. 20+ new patients per month.

SACRAMENTO’S MIDTOWN   Great corner location in signature Victorian building. 4-Ops. Tracking $550,000+ in collections and $260,000 in Profits.

SACRAMENTO – MINUTES OFF INTERSTATE 80   $1.25+ Million/year in collections. Attractive profits for part-time Owner. 8-days of Hygiene per week. Fantastic location and exposure for practice which is housed in its own single-purpose building.

SACRAMENTO’S NORTH HIGHLANDS    Collects $300,000/year. 4-days of Hygiene. 5-Ops in 1,600 sq.ft. suite. Excellent stream of new patients each month.

SACRAMENTO’S SOUTH SIDE     This Mack Road practice Collected $225,000 for 12-months just ended with $100,000+ in work referred out. 3-ops, 4th available.

SACRAMENTO’S SOUTH SIDE – ADJACENT TO ELK GROVE    Located in Medical Village right off Highway 99. Custom- designed 4-Op suite. Generates $250,000/year on relaxed schedule.

SACRAMENTO’S SOUTH SIDE   Collected $825,000 in 2011 on 3-day week. 7-Ops. Limited competition with demographic report reflecting 185,000+ people within 3-mile radius.

SACRAMENTO’S UPTOWN    Virtually no competition. Tracking $490,000 in Collections. 4-days of Hygiene.

SALINAS   Long established, with loyal patient following. Collects $70,000.


SALINAS   Fee-for-Service practice has always operated on 1-day schedule including Hygienist. Production totaled $165,750. Housed in tastefully decorated and well equipped 950 sq.ft. suite which consists of 4-Ops and Panorex.

SALINAS   3-year old practice set to top $200,000 in production this year. Beautiful 3-Op office with everything new. Great location.

SALINAS  Current performance projects $200,000+ year. 2-Ops equipped, 1-Op plumbed.

SALINAS  Performs remarkably well on part-time schedule. On 3-day week, will collect $210,000+ with Profits projecting a remarkable $140,000. Housed in attractive 859 sq.ft. 3-Op suite.

SALINAS  3-day/week “fee-for-service” practice. Collections totaled $220,000 with Profits of $134,500. Housed in a 1,000 sq.ft. 3-Op suite.

SALINAS   Acquired in 2006 when this was a part-time practice, our Client has realized continued growth. 2009 collected $419,000 with Profits of $221,000.


SALINAS  Practice has benefited from Owner’s careful attention. Facility is remarkable, staffing impeccable, patient base extensive, hygiene schedule phenomenal, management systems tight, remodeling campaign successful and brand new patient filing system installed. Tracking $1.4 Million year with Profits of $600,000.

SALINAS   Two Colleagues sharing same suite are retiring at same time. Collectively, this is a $1.2+ Million practice with 50% Profits. 10-days of hygiene. 6-ops.

SAN ANDREAS  Collected $265,000 with Profits of $160,000 in 2007.

SAN ANSELMO   3-day week realized collections of $490,000 in 2011. 2+ days of Hygiene/week.

SAN BRUNO  Has been a $300,000/year performer on 32-hour week until injury. On 22-hour week, Collections in 2004 totaled $240,000 with Profits of $118,000.

SAN CARLOS  Practice shall top $400,000 in production this year. 10+ new patients per month. 3-days of Hygiene/week. 3-Ops in 980 sq.ft. suite.

SAN FRANCISCO’S CHINATOWN   Collections last 5- years ranged from $223,500 to $380,000 with Profits ranging from $105,000 to $232,000. Recent year’s revenues of $223,500 reflects Owner’s desire to work at a relaxed pace. Very desirable location. 1,000 sq.ft. 3-Op suite.

SAN FRANCISCO – CHINATOWN   Best dental suite in Chinatown. Collections have averaged $450,000/year on Owner’s 25-hour week. Profits topped $230,000 in 2008.

SAN FRANCISCO’S ONE EMBARCADERO CENTER   Well managed and very strong performer.  1979 collected $275,000 with strong Profits. 5-Ops with phenomenal views.


SAN FRANCISCO’S 450 SUTTER STREET  Great add-on to nearby 450 Sutter practice. Collects $90,0000+ with Profits of $55,000+.

SAN FRANCISCO’S 450 SUTTER STREET  Lots of “goodwill” here. Owner retiring after 45-years. Collected $130,500 on 22-hour week. 2.5-days of Hygiene. 670- active patients.

SAN FRANCISCO’S 450 SUTTER STREET  Part-time practice collects $142,000/year. Excellent opportunity for Dentist seeking Union Square practice.

SAN FRANCISCO’S 450 SUTTER STREET  Strongly entrenched, collects $170,000/year. 2-days of Hygiene. 3-Ops.

SAN FRANCISCO’S 450 SUTTER STREET – CHINESE PRACTICE $186,000 in collections with $110,000 in Profits. 2-Ops in 480 sq.ft. suite. Cantonese speaking Receptionst/Chairside can transfer.

SAN FRANCISCO’S 450 SUTTER STREET   Excellent opportunity for DDS wishing to establish practice at reasonable price. Relaxed 4-day week, 450 active patients and collected $197,500.

SAN FRANCISCO’S 450 SUTTER STREET   Current performance annualizes $240,000/year. Great opportunity for 450 Sutter Dentist to merge their practice into this 5-Op site. 2-days of Hygiene.

SAN FRANCISCO’S 450 SUTTER STREET   Young practice shall collect $310,000+ and realize profits of $110,000. Currently averaging 30-new patients/month. Great eastern views of Downtown from office’s 3-Ops.

SAN FRANCISCO’S 450 SUTTER STREET   Strong practice is currently performing at $325,000/year level on 3.5 day week. 4- days of Hygiene. 4-Ops.

SAN FRANCISCO’S 450 SUTTER STREET   Operating on a 4- day week with 4-weeks off, collections exceed $400,000/year with last year’s Profits being $185,000. “Fee-for- Service”. Housed in an attractively designed and well equipped 3-Op suite. 4th Op available.

SAN FRANCISCO’S 450 SUTTER STREET   Collected $756,000 in 2012 on 24-hour week with Profits of $321,500. Paperless and digital and 5-days of Hygiene.


SAN FRANCISCO’S 450 SUTTER STREET   20+ year practice just completed a $300,000 expansion and upgrade to create a very attractive and efficient 7-Op facility. New 10- year Lease just commenced. Year just concluded saw production and collections both totaling $800,000.

SAN FRANCISCO’S 450 SUTTER STREET  Strong points: 7-days of Hygiene, mature and strong staff, strong in- place management systems, tremendous facility, and excellent relations with Specialists and Lab. Realized collections of $1.5+ Million with Profits of $700,000+. No Associate Dentists here. Owner works 24-hour week with 6-to-8 weeks off a year.

SAN FRANCISCO’S 490 POST STREET  Great opportunity for motivated DDS. Currently collecting $105,000. 3-Ops.

SAN FRANCISCO’S 490 POST STREET – LATINO PRACTICE  On 25-hour week, practice collected $160,000. 3-Ops in attractive office.


SAN FRANCISCO’S 490 POST STREET – LATINO PRACTICE   On limited schedule averaging 2.75 days/week, produces $205,000, collects $195,000 and realizes Profits of $95,000. 915 sq.ft. facility has 3-Ops.

SAN FRANCISCO’S 490 POST STREET   Strong practice is producing and collecting $225,000/year. 5-Ops. Extensive patient base.

SAN FRANCISCO’S 490 POST STREET   Practice & Condo. Condo purchased in 2009. After $570,000 spent in build-out, beautiful high tech paperless, digital 6-ops. On 3-day week, Collected $687,000 in 2015. 4.5-days of Hygiene.

SAN FRANCISCO’S 500 SUTTER STREET  Great add-on for nearby practice. Collects $40,000+. 2-days of Hygiene booked 6-months in advance.

SAN FRANCISCO’S 500 SUTTER STREET  “Insurance Free” practice dictates own Fee Schedule. On 3-day week with 2-months off, collects $585,000/year with $270,000+ in Profits. 1,200 sq.ft. 4-Op suite. Voice activated computer charting. $210,000+ recently invested.


SAN FRANCISCO – FINANCIAL DISTRICT  Sustained by 3-days of Hygiene. Revenues have averaged $350,000/year with Owner booked 2-months in advance.

SAN FRANCISCO’S LAUREL HEIGHTS   Strong performer. Produced $463,000, collected $444,600 and realized Profits of $177,600 with 4-weeks off. 4-days of Hygiene.

SAN FRANCISCO’S LAUREL VILLAGE   On 3-day week with 3-months off, collects $150,000.

SAN FRANCISCO’S MARINA DISTRICT  Practice enjoys excellent sidewalk exposure on busy street. On limited schedule of 2-days, producing and collecting $120,000/year.

SAN FRANCISCO’S MARINA DISTRICT  Architecturally stunning facility with awesome bay views from this Chestnut Street practice. $95,000 invested in 3-Op suite 2-years ago. Collects $145,000 on 3-day week.

SAN FRANCISCO – MISSION DISTRICT   Operates on 3-day schedule due to Owner’s other business commitments. Tracking collections of $420,000 in 2011 with Profits of $200,000.

SAN FRANCISCO’S MISSION DISTRICT  Consistent high performer Collected $1.4+ Million in 2006 on Owner’s 4-day week with 5-days of Hygiene.

SAN FRANCISCO’S MT. ZION HOSPITAL  Great add-on for nearby practice. Produced $210,000 on Owner’s 14.5 hour week.

SAN FRANCISCO’S OUTER MISSION STREET  Sign Lease and have instant practice. This suite housed Landlord’s dental practice for 20-years. Landlord ceased practice due to health with hope of coming back. Tremendous exposure, signage and thousands of files. 3-Ops and 20-year old phone number.

SAN FRANCISCO’S PACIFIC HEIGHTS  Long established, collections are annualizing $220,000 at this time. 2-days of Hygiene. 8+ new patients per month. 3-Ops.

SAN FRANCISCO’S PARKSIDE  This Taraval Street practice is producing and collecting $200,000+. 3-Op office enjoys great visibility.

SAN FRANCISCO’S RICHMOND DISTRICT Clement Street practice generates $65,000+ on limited schedule. 4-Ops.

SAN FRANCISCO’S RICHMOND DISTRICT Located in French Hospital Medical Center. C&B practice. Produces and collects $110,000/year on limited schedule. 2-Ops.


SAN FRANCISCO’S RICHMOND DISTRICT Comfortably collects $130,000+/year as practice maintains oral health of 500+ patients. 3-Ops in 680 sq.ft. suite.

SAN FRANCISCO’S RICHMOND DISTRICT Sidewalk office on Geary Boulevard. Collects $170,000/year. Has own parking.

SAN FRANCISCO’S ST. LUKE’S HOSPITAL 3.5 day practice realizes $160,000/year in shared office arrangement.

SAN FRANCISCO’S STONESTOWN GALLERIA CENTER This practice has collected $490,000+/year the last 2-years with strong Profits. 4-Ops with over $160,000 invested here. Highly coveted location.

SAN FRANCISCO’S SUNSET DISTRICT Relaxed practice collects $145,000 with Profits of $78,000. 3-Op sidewalk office.

SAN FRANCISCO’S SUNSET DISTRICT Sidewalk office on busy Irving Street. Currently generating $290,000. Nets 50%. 4- Ops.

SAN FRANCISCO’S UNION SQUARE 2.5-day/week produces and collects $185,000/year with Profits of $95,000. 3-Ops in 770 sq.ft. suite.


SAN FRANCISCO’S UNION STREET Fast growing practice on pace to top $300,000. Beautiful 3-Op office.

SAN FRANCISCO’S VAN NESS AVENUE Part-time practice collects $86,000 with Profits of $45,500. 2-Ops with 3rd available.

SAN FRANCISCO’S WEST PORTAL Great opportunity. Nice 3-Op office. Collects $110,000.

SAN JOSE   With conservative Owner and no marketing, 2009 produced $474,600 and collected $454,000. Enjoys healthy Profits.

SAN JOSE – ADJACENT TO GROWING EVERGREEN VALLEY AREA Young practice produced $1.6 Million and collected $1.097 Million for year just ended. Attractive 2,200 sq.ft. 6-Op suite in strip shopping center. Great signage. Approximately $200,000 invested here.


SAN JOSE – ALEXIAN BROTHERS HOSPITAL MEDICAL VILLAGE Averages revenues of $275,000/year. 3-Ops. 90% Insured and no Welfare.

SAN JOSE’S ALMADEN VALLEY 3-year practice collecting $75,000. $100,000 invested in 3-Op (2-equipped) office.

SAN JOSE’S ALMADEN VALLEY   Produces $310,000 and collects $275,000 and Nets 41%. Excellent Recall System. 3- Ops in 1,000 sq.ft. suite.

SAN JOSE’S ALMADEN VALLEY   Owner has never had to maximize this practice’s performance. Realized Net Production of $372,000 with Collections of $349,500 on 4-day week. Excellent cash flow management as AR average 6-weeks of Production. Attractive 4-Op suite with below market rent.

SAN JOSE’S ALMADEN VALLEY Growing practice collected $365,000 for year just ended. Owner works 3.5 days with 5-days of Hygiene. Beautiful 4-Op office reflects $140,000 investment.

SAN JOSE – ALMADEN VALLEY   2003 realized Net Production of $372,000 with collections of $349,500. Attractive 4-Op suite

SAN JOSE’S ALMADEN VALLEY Growing practice has exceeded the $700,000 bar in annual collections on Owner’s 3- day week. 9-days of Hygiene. 6-Ops.

SAN JOSE – ALMADEN VALLEY  $500,000+ invested in best technology. 6.5-days Hygiene, great staff, low AR. Consistent Million Dollar performer.


SAN JOSE’S ALUM ROCK AREA   Solid $250,000/year performer with good Profits. $120,000 invested here the last 5- years. 7-Ops. Excellent springboard to grow into busy practice.

SAN JOSE’S ALUM ROCK AREA  Consistent performer shall collect $260,000 this year with Profits of $150,000. 4-Ops.

SAN JOSE’S ALUM ROCK AREA   Collections last 4-years have averaged $580,000/year on 3-day week. Last year’s Profits were $232,600. 3-days of Hygiene.

SAN JOSE’S BLOSSOM HILL ROAD   Attractive 1,503 sq.ft. fully equipped and furnished 5-op suite with Schick Digital Radiography.

SAN JOSE’S BLOSSOM VALLEY   Collects $150,000 on 3-day week. Has done better when Owner devoted more attention here. Housed in attractive 3-Op suite.

SAN JOSE’S BLOSSOM VALLEY   Young practice is collecting $220,000. Attractive 4-Op suite.


SAN JOSE’S BLOSSOM VALLEY  Very profitable opportunity. On collections of $367,000 – Profits were $206,000. 4-Ops in 1,500 sq.ft. suite located in strip shopping center.

SAN JOSE – BLOSSOM VALLEY   Annualizing $600,000+ in 2009 collections.

SAN JOSE’S BLOSSOM VALLEY   Produced $1.6 Million with collections of $1.53 Million last year. First Quarter annualizes $1.8+ Million. Owner works 3-day/week with practice employing services of 3- day week Associate, 1-day week Perio and 9-days of Hygiene. Utilizes 6-Op office.

SAN JOSE’S COYOTE VALLEY   Owned by conservative Dentist with lots of dentistry here. Collections totaled $170,700 with Profits of $111,700. Housed in well designed 1,300 sq.ft. suite consisting of 4-Ops (two are unequipped).

SAN JOSE’S COYOTE VALLEY  Long established practice. $500,000 invested in latest technology. 7-Ops. 6.5-days of Hygiene. $1 Million/year performer.

SAN JOSE’S DOWNTOWN  Long established, collects $100,000/year. 2-Ops in 500 sq.ft.

SAN JOSE’S EVERGREEN VALLEY   Fantastic opportunity for Chinese or Vietnamese Dentist. Located in Aborn Center, this is a beautiful brand new 4-Op office with total investment $235,000+. Asking price considerably less than original investment.

SAN JOSE’S HIGHWAYS 85/17 INTERSECTION  Practice shall collect $480,000 this year with Profits of $220,000. 3- days of Hygiene. $150,000 invested in equipment and furnishings.

SAN JOSE’S 85/101 INTERSECTION – NORTH COYOTE VALLEY  Great location at portal to phenomenal development. $500,000 invested in best technology. 6.5-days of Hygiene/week, great staff, low AR. Consistent Million Dollar per year performer.

SAN JOSE – LATINO PRACTICE   Young practice shall collect $175,000 this year. 1,100 sq.ft., 3-op suite, 2 equipped. Located on E. Santa Clara Street across from San Jose Medical Center.

SAN JOSE’S McKEE ROAD  Opened 16-months ago, production for calendar year just ended totaled $188,000. Last 6-months put practice on $240,000+ year performance track. $100,000+ invested here.

SAN JOSE – NEAR MILPITAS  Annualized production of $445,000. Housed in a 1,100 sq.ft. 3-Op suite. Enjoys store front location in nice neighborhood strip shopping center with a soon-to-be completed Light Rail transit stop just across the street.


SAN JOSE – NEAR SARATOGA  $200,000+ revenue stream in 3+ year old practice. 700+ active patients and averages 10 new per month. 3-Ops in 760 sq.ft. suite.

SAN JOSE’S O’CONNOR HOSPITAL MEDICAL VILLAGE  Collects $250,000+ with $100,000+ Profits. 4-Ops. 3-days of Hygiene.

SAN JOSE – OFF STEVENS CREEK & NEAR SANTANA ROW  Produced $820,000 and collected $795,000 with Profits of $300,000. Averages 20 new patients/month. 3-days of Hygiene. Owner works 4-day week and takes 6-weeks off. Custom designed 6-Op suite.

SAN JOSE’S SANTA ROW  Newly improved, equipped and furnished dental facility. “Tuscany Valley” themed suite.

SAN JOSE – SANTA TERESA AREA   Beautiful digital and paperless 3-Op office. 2010 collected $277,000. Profits topped $190,000. 2011 should top $350,000.

SAN JOSE’S SILVER CREEK  Package includes Condo. Beautiful suite built December 2013. Cutting edge design. Adec-equipped, paperless, digital radiography, Pano and Cerec.  2017 collected $920,000 with Profits of $433,000.

SAN JOSE’S STORY ROAD  Great opportunity for investment-minded. Attractive 5-Op practice has realized $450,000/year with full-time Management. On 1.5 day/week schedule, practice collects $100,000/year with $59,000 in Profits. Buy for low price and restore to past glory.


SAN JOSE’S STORY ROAD   Collections for year just-ended totaled $415,000. 7-Ops in 2,500 sq.ft. suite with rent fixed at $1,200/month.

SAN JOSE’S STORY ROAD   Practice enjoys trade name recognition and highly visible location. Collections have averaged $1.11 Million/year last 4-years. With a little effort, practice will top $1.5 Million. Housed in free- standing 3,000 sq.ft. building with 8-operatories.

SAN JOSE’S TULLY ROAD  Great location near Highway 101. Practice and 5-Op “free-standing” building. Collects $180,000+/year.

SAN JOSE’S WESTSIDE   Collections have averaged $400,000 per year Employs 3-Ops with 4th available.

SAN JOSE’S WILLOW GLEN  Young practice is collecting $65,000+. 3-Ops.

SAN JOSE’S WILLOW GLEN   Relaxed practice collects $70,000/year. 2-Ops with low-overhead.

SAN JOSE’S WILLOW GLEN   4-day week. Collects $130,000/year. 1-day of Hygiene.


SAN JOSE’S WILLOW GLEN  Busy practice collects $200,000+ with Profits of $110,000+.  2-days of Hygiene.  4-Ops.

SAN JOSE’S WILLOW GLEN  Solid $250,000/year performer. 3-days of Hygiene. 3-Ops and Panelipse.

SAN LEANDRO Long established practice is collecting $350,000/year with $140,000 in Profits. 5-Ops.

SAN LEANDRO  On Owner’s 2.5 day week, this practice produces $365,000 and collects $355,000. With a little more attention, this shall be a $500,000/year practice.

SAN LEANDRO   3-ops, digital radiography, Pano. On 2.5-day week, collected $438,000 for 2014. Profits very strong. $160,000 invested here since July 2008.

SAN LORENZO   2011 collected $648,000 with Profits of $278,000. Operates out of a single story building fronting busy boulevard. 5-chair. Building optional purchase.

SAN LUIS OBISPO   Young practice. 2-Ops. Collects $65,000+.

SAN MATEO   Facility with files. Located near Hillsdale Mall, tastefully remodeled 4-ops in 1,098 sq.ft.  Paperless.  320 files since opening and operating on part-time schedule.

SAN MATEO  Long established with upscale patients. Retiring DDS collects $65,000. 3-Ops.


SAN MATEO  Great Downtown location on El Camino Real. 3-Op office. Collecting $75,000.

SAN MATEO  Growing practice is now performing at $200,000+/year. 2-days of Hygiene and averages 20-new patients/month. 4-Ops.

SAN MATEO  Located across the street from Mills Hospital on El Camino Real. Great opportunity generates $270,000/year. 2.5 days of Hygiene per week.

SAN MATEO   This practice enjoys a classy North San Mateo Drive address. Facility is a spacious 1,350 sq.ft. custom designed “Santa Fe décor” 4-Op suite. 3.5 days of Hygiene and Owner works 4-day week. Practice produced $872,600 and collected $867,000 with Profits of $461,000.

SAN PABLO   Produced $780,000, collected $745,000 and realized Profits of $365,000. 4-Op office has seen everything upgraded at cost of $115,000+. 5-days of Hygiene.


SAN RAFAEL   Collected $105,500 and netted $62,000. 400 active patients.

SAN RAFAEL   Collects $130,000/year with $65,000 in Profits on part-time schedule. 600+ active patients.

SAN RAFAEL   Practice is under-performer as Owner likes to work at slow pace. Collected $212,000 in 2016. Collected $325,000 in 2013 with more hours. Patients are here!

SAN RAFAEL  Solid performer shall collect $225,000 this year with Profits of $90,000+. 2-days of Hygiene. 3-Ops.

SAN RAFAEL   On 3-day schedule, practice collected $237,000 with Profits of $119,500 last year. Current performance projects collections of $260,000 with Profits of $145,000. Housed in attractive 530 sq.ft. 2-Op suite with private office.

SAN RAFAEL  400+ patients. 3-op suite is contemporary, bright and well laid out. On 3.5 day week, 2017 trending $270,000 for the year.

SAN RAFAEL  Collects $300,000/year. 4-days of Hygiene. 5-Ops in own “free-standing” 1,800 sq.ft. building. Great exposure with own parking.

SAN RAFAEL   Relaxed 3.5 day week. 2017’s Profits were $223,000+ on collections of $374,800. Office Manager plans on continuing.

SAN RAFAEL   Strong foundation. 3.5-days of Hygiene. Year just ended collected $517,000 with $200,000+ in Profits.  Attractive 3-op office.

SAN RAFAEL   Package includes building. Generates consistent revenue stream of $530,000 on relaxed pace. Right across street from Marin Academy.

SAN RAFAEL  Established 4-years. Last year realized collections of $646,700. 1,447 sq.ft.  5-Op office with 4-Ops just 4-years old.


SAN RAFAEL’S DOWNTOWN   Great starter practice, second office or merger into nearby practice. Has been $85,000+/year performer. 3-Ops. 200-active patients.

SAN RAFAEL’S DOWNTOWN  Excellent opportunity with great upside. On Owner’s 3.5-days, practice has been realizing $250,000/year. 1,000-active patients.

SAN RAMON Collected $111,000 with Profits of $58,000 for year just-ended. 2-Ops with 2-more wired and plumbed. 1-day of Hygiene.

SAN RAMON Has been a $150,000 year performer. 3-Ops.

SAN RAMON For year-just ended, collected $435,600 and realized Profits of $232,000. $182,000 invested in beautiful 3-Op suite with 4th Op plumbed.

SAN RAMON   On Owner’s 19.5 hour week coupled with Hygiene, 2017’s Collections totaled $580,000+ with Profits of $230,000.

SAN RAMON   Out-of-Network! 6-day Hygiene and strong Team Members. Hygiene averages $349,000/year in production. Annual collections exceed $700,000.

SAN RAMON   Hygiene Department averages 8.5 days of Hygiene. $450,000 invested in 6-ops suite. Collections last 5-years have consistently topped $900,000 per year.

SANTA CLARA  6-year old practice performing at $600,000/year level yet capable of topping the $1 Million bar right now. 50+ new patients/month, 4-days of Hygiene, 5-Ops.


SANTA CLARA  Very strong foundation and ideal facility. After 32-years, practice just topped $1 Million bar as collections totaled $1,072,000. Profits are strong and exceed $500,000/year. The backbone is the strong Hygiene schedule of 7-days.  Facility is a well designed 6-Op office.

SANTA CLARA  Practice has a Starbucks’ location! Beautiful remodeled 5-op suite. 2018’s performance trending $1.17 Million for the year. Doors should be opened 6-days a week.

SANTA CRUZ   Producing $356,000 with collections of $330,000. 15+ new patients per month. 4-days of Hygiene. Bright 1,000 sq.ft. office with $110,000 invested here.

SANTA CRUZ  36-hours of Hygiene per week. 2011 Produced $423,700 and collected $415,800.

SANTA CRUZ   Group Practice opportunity. Owner produced $615,000 with collections of $545,000 and Profits of $173,500. Practice enjoys dedicated area consisting of 4-Ops plus the benefits of a 4-chair Hygiene Bay, x-ray department, complete lab, Business Department and full-time Administrator.

SANTA CRUZ    Hygiene operates 6.5 day per week schedule booked 4+ months out. 2015 tracking $770,000+ in Production, $680,000+ in Collections and $275,000 in Profits.

SANTA CRUZ’ DOWNTOWN   Practice performs at $150,000/year level. Very desirable high exposure street-level location at busy intersection. Warrants investigation.


SANTA ROSA  Downtown location. Great opportunity to acquire building and practice. 1,000+ patients. 4-Op suite can be expanded. Collects $70,000/year.

SANTA ROSA   On relaxed pace, collections average $134,000 to $156,000/year.

SANTA ROSA  Downtown location. $180,000/year performer. Averages 10-new patients/month. 4-Ops.

SANTA ROSA Spectacular results achieved quickly. Collections first full year totaled $333,000 with Profits of $134,000. Collections second year totaled $450,000 with $210,000+ in Profits. Results realized by time-tested marketing program which results in large number of new patients/month (currently 60+). Attractive 1,500 sq.ft. 4-Op office with $140,000 invested here.

SANTA ROSA   Computerized, paperless, digital radiography and 4-op suite has been remodeled. Collections in 2012 totaled $483,500 on 3-day week with 3-days of Hygiene.

SANTA ROSA Designed to be lean and efficient. Current performance shall top $500,000 with Profits exceeding $320,000. Operates out of a small 3-Op office.

SANTA ROSA  Practice has patient foundation of 1,000+. 4.5-days of Hygiene and averages 15-new patients/month. 3-Ops with $120,000 invested. Has averaged $550,000/year.

SANTA ROSA  Established 15-years in busy strip shopping center. Year just ended produced $705,000, collected $702,000 and realized Profits of $268,000. 2,770 sq.ft. 6-Op facility. 4-Ops are new within the last year. 3-days of Hygiene.

SANTA ROSA  2008 produced $763,000 with collections of $680,000 and Profits of $325,000. Beautiful office and best technology.


SANTA ROSA Loaded with great components: location, accessibility, modern and spacious facility in signature building, extensive patient base, excellent new patient flow, tremendous staff, low AR balance and trade name recognition. Produced $780,000 and collected $775,000 with Profits of $258,000 for Owner who works 4- day/week.

SANTA ROSA  Has been consistent $1+ Million year performer with Owner enjoying relaxed pace. On 26-hour week with every 4th week off, collected $1.17 Million with $425,000+ in Profits.

SANTA ROSA’S BENNETT VALLEY   $200,000+/year practice is housed in very attractive 3-Op office in nice professional setting. Good patient flows. 2-days of Hygiene.

SANTA ROSA’S BENNETT VALLEY   Opened 18-months ago, fast growing practice is producing $17,000+ per month ($205,000/year at this moment) and averages 30+ new patients per month. 2-Ops equipped and 2-Ops plumbed. Great AR management.

SANTA ROSA’S DOCTORS PARK   Revenue streams of $330,000/year. 3-days of Hygiene. 3-Ops. Long term Lease available.

SANTA ROSA’S LARKFIELD Great platform in growing neighborhood. Cute 3-Op suite. $95,000+/year in collections.


SANTA ROSA‘S MEMORIAL MEDICAL VILLAGE Collected $120,000 with $61,000 in Profits. 2-Ops in 600 sq.ft.

SANTA ROSA’S MEMORIAL MEDICAL VILLAGE Great opportunity to practice in Sonoma County. Conservative Client has practice generating $120,000/year in 2-Op office.

SANTA ROSA’S MEMORIAL MEDICAL VILLAGE Fast growing practice collected $170,000 for year just ended. 2-Ops, Panelipse and computerized.

SANTA ROSA’S MEMORIAL MEDICAL VILLAGE Excellent starter practice. Recently opened, practice shall produce and collect $200,000. Very attractive 850 sq.ft. 3-Op suite.

SARATOGA Located in the Village. 2-Op practice collects $90,000/year.

SANTA ROSA’S MONTGOMERY VILLAGE Patient foundation of 1,000+. 4.5-days of Hygiene, 15-new patients/mth. 3-Ops with $120,000 invested. This is $550,000/year performer with very conservative Owner.

SARATOGA Realized $152,000 in Profits on collections of $271,000. 1-day of Hygiene. 3-Ops in 1,200 sq.ft. office. Excellent location.

SARATOGA Prospect Avenue practice collected $660,000 with $270,000 in Profits with Owner working 3-day week. 3-days of Hygiene. 4-Ops in 1,500 sq.ft. suite.


SCOTTS VALLEY $120,000+ per year on 4-day week. Lots of goodwill. 3-Ops.

SEBASTOPOL Great foundation to build upon. Currently collects $75,000. 2-Op office.

SEBASTOPOL On Owner’s 3.5-day week along with 3-days of Hygiene, produced $515,000+ and collected $450,000 with Profits of $225,000+. Housed in spacious 4-Op building. Premise Lease secures tenancy for next 12-years. Enjoys landmark location.

SEBASTOPOL Recent snapshot reflects production of $573,000 and collections of $545,000 with Profits of $245,500. Owner worked 140 days and averaged $4,000+ per day in Production. 3-day Hygiene schedule. Operates out of a 2,200 sq.ft. 4-Op facility.

SOLEDAD Located in freestanding building with $250,000 invested last 3+ years in 2,000 sq.ft. 4-Op facility. Produced $325,000 and collected $309,000 last year.


SONOMA $115,0000 year performer. 700+ active patients. 4-Ops.

SONOMA Very attractive offering. Produced $204,000 and collected $190,000. Profits of $81,600. 2-days of Hygiene. 3-Ops with all equipment only 3-years old.

SONOMA On reduced schedule due to health, practice collected $235,000. Large patient base, and averaging 15-new patients per month.

SONOMA On schedule of 1-full day and 2-half days/week, produced $321,000 with collections of $332,000. 2-years ago collections totaled $710,000 when Owner devoted full attention here. 1,500 sq.ft. 3-Op office enjoys excellent exposure on Sonoma Highway.

SONORA Great Sierra Foothill community. Collects $80,000/year with Profits of $45,000.


SOUTH LAKE TAHOE Nice practice to build upon. Annualized collections of $175,000 on 4-day week. Profits shall total $90,000. 3-Ops.

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE Well established. 4-day week with Hygiene each day. $210,000 in Collections. 1,100 sq.ft. 4-Op office located in busy strip shopping center.

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE  On work schedule amounting to 10-months in 2012, practice collected $515,000 with Profits of $230,000+. $296,500 invested in this suite in the recent past.

SOUTH SACRAMENTO   Underperforming high visibility shopping center practice. Collected $225,000 for 12-months ended 5/31/08. 3-ops, 4th available.

SOUTH SACRAMENTO   Located in Medical Village right off Highway 99. Custom-designed suite. Generates $250,000 per year on relaxed schedule.

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO   $100,000/year practice shall do well with young DDS. Desirable 2400 Westborough Boulevard location.

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO  4.5 years old in 2,200 sq.ft. facility with everything newly designed and purchased. 3-Ops equipped and 2-more wired and plumbed. Just realized collections of $342,600 with Profits of $138,400. Practice enjoys trade name recognition and storefront location.

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO   Growing practice tracking $385,000 year. 20+ new patients per month. 3-days per week of Hygiene.


ST. HELENA   Nice starter practice in North Napa Valley. Producing $65,000/year on Owner’s 17-hour week. 2-Ops in 600 sq.ft. suite. Has not been accepting new patients.

STOCKTON   Retiring DDS collects $40,000/year on light schedule.

STOCKTON   North Stockton location. Beautiful 3- Op office. Will collect $130,000.

STOCKTON Located in north side of town which is experiencing residential and business growth. 4-year old practice shall produce $150,000 this year. No welfare. 4-Ops.

STOCKTON  Collected $450,000 in 2008. Well designed and attractive 5-Op office.

STOCKTON Centrally located adjacent to Weberstown Mall, collected $467,500 with Profits of $248,000 by Owner who also operates another practice 400+ miles away. Collected $633,000 earlier when Owner did not split time. Brand new suite in superior location.

STOCKTON   Collected $840,000 in 2006. Great location, 6-computerized Ops, X-Ray Room, digital radiography. $245,000 invested here.

STOCKTON’S BROOKSIDE   2013 collected $535,000 with Profits of $232,500. 1,630 sq.ft. ground floor suite with 3-ops and 4th available. Package Sale includes Condo.

SUNNYVALE Well located. Growing practice shall collect $175,000. 4-Ops. 30+ new patients/month.

SUNNYVALE Produced $409,000 and collected $370,500 last year. Current year tracking $500,000+. Practice is conveniently located in a garden-style professional park and housed in an attractive 1,000 sq.ft. 3-Op facility.


SUNNYVALE Housed in custom designed 1,650 sq.ft. suite with $355,000+ spent in equipment and leasehold improvements including intra oral camera, air abrasion unit, a Yag soft tissue laser and computerized Patient Information System in waiting room. Collections totaled $510,000. Extremely attractive 7-Op office.

SUNNYVALE Recently relocated from confining 3- Op office to present luxurious 7-Op suite. This spiked revenues from $450,000/year to $600,000/year. Unlimited potential makes this a very attractive offering.

SUNNYVALE Everything set for New Management to take next tier of development. Recent year produced $1.191 Million, collected $1.112 Million and $312,000+ in Profits. Owner works 22-hour/week with a 4-day/week Associate and 8-days of Hygiene. 2,050 sq.ft. 7-Op facility.


SUSANVILLE  Charming community, not far from Reno. Collects $40,000/year.

SUSANVILLE  Great opportunity to practice in country for low purchase price. Collects $65,000/year on 3- days week.

SUTTER CREEK  Busy practice with high tech gear in beautiful country setting. Year ended collected $1.2 Million with $435,000 in Profits. Has gone through thorough Management scrub. 8-days/week of Hygiene.

TAHOE CITY  Long established practice collects $70,000/year. 2-Ops.

TAHOE CITY   2008 produced $665,000 and collected $614,000 on 3.5 day week. 5.5 days of Hygiene/week.

TRACY  5-op office, paperless, Panorex. Opened September 2011, collected $166,600 in 2013 on part-time schedule. Management not in a position to take advantage of this platform.

TRACY   Investment Practice shall see improved performance once acquired by Successor who devotes full attention here. 2007 collected $410,000 with Profits of $200,000.

TULELAKE Great country setting. Building and practice as package sale. Collects $65,000/year.

TURLOCK Great community south of Modesto on Highway 99. Collecting $80,000/year. Lots of patients. Will do very well with Successor.

UKIAH   2008 Produced $562,000 and collected $522,000.

UNION CITY  2-Ops with 3rd available. Open 1-day/week.

UNION CITY  $416,000 invested 9-years ago.  Adec equipped, Soredex Cranex D Panorex / Ceph, computerized and networked. Collected $637,000 in 2016 with Profits of $258,500.

VACAVILLE  Well established. Attractive 3-Op office. Collects $80,000. Profits top $45,000.


VACAVILLE  Great community to raise one’s children. This practice collects $95,000/year with Profits of $45,000. 3-Ops.

VACAVILLE  Currently performing at $465,000/year with hardly any attention from Owner. Has realized mid-$800,000/year in recent past when Owner spent time here. 5-Ops.

VACAVILLE   Enjoys westside location. 3-day week with 3-day Hygiene schedule. 2013 collected $565,000 with Profits of $241,000+.

VALLEJO  Great location, bright and attractive 4-Op facility, strong patient foundation. Recent year collected $527,000 with Profits of $261,500.

VISALIA   Beautiful custom designed office with all technology today’s Dentist wants! 2015 collected $727,000 on 3-days with 5-days of Hygiene. Best location. Package includes building.

WALNUT CREEK Great starter practice in desirable area. Collects $55,000.

WALNUT CREEK This opportunity is collecting $60,000 on limited schedule.

WALNUT CREEK Long established. Great platform to expand upon. $80,000+ Collections. Desirable location.

WALNUT CREEK  Very desirable location. Lots of patients. Attractive 3-Op suite. Collects $110,000+.

WALNUT CREEK   Located next to Rossmoor. Consistently collects $170,000/year on 3-day week with 1-day of Hygiene.


WALNUT CREEK Long established. Currently performing at $250,000/year level on relaxed schedule with 50% + Profits. Strong patient base.

WALNUT CREEK Long established. Current performance reflects $320,000 in production and $301,000 in collections. 3-days of Hygiene. Long term staff will continue.

WALNUT CREEK Collections for first year were $394,000 with Profits of $240,000+. Collections last 9-months reflect annualized revenues of $480,000. 1,175 sq.ft. 3-Op suite with a 4th-Op available. Everything new.

WALNUT CREEK Recent performance realized production of $742,000 and collections of $724,000. 6-day/week Hygiene schedule generates 40% of the production with Owner’s efforts realizing 60%.

WALNUT GROVE  Owner and Hygiene Department work 3-day week. 2018 collected $909,000 and realized Profits of $364,000. 5-Ops and digital Pano.


WATSONVILLE Annualizing $490,000+ in collections and $240,000 in Profits. Owner works 4-day week with 3-Hygiene days. Office has been remodeled, with décor all updated and two Ops (4-Ops total) completely new.

WEST SACRAMENTO  Store-front location in strip shopping center on busy Jefferson Boulevard. Modern and attractive 4-op suite. Recent annual performance realized $615,000 in collections with Total Available Profits of $270,000 on 4-day week.

WESTWOOD  Located in Lake Almanor area of Sierras.  Currently collecting $110,000.

WILLOWS  Slow paced practice collects $50,000/year. 2- Ops.

WOODLAND  3-days of Hygiene booked 4+ months in advance. On Owner’s 3-day week, Collections totaled $518,000 in 2018 with Profits of $229,000.

WOODSIDE Located in the redwoods on Skyline Boulevard. 500 patients, 2-Ops.