Past Sales- Managed Care Practices

BERKELEY’S ALTA BATES MEDICAL VILLAGE – MANAGED CARE   3-day week collected $525,000+ in 2011. First 6-months of 2012 trending $600,000+. 5-days of Hygiene.

DALY CITY   – MANAGED CARE   Shall collect $725,000 with $345,000+ in Profits. 4-days of Hygiene. $100,000 spent in new delivery systems and support equipment 5-years ago.

DALY CITY – MANAGED CARE  Collections totaled $1.08 Million with $640,000 in Profits on Owner’s 4-day week with 6-weeks off. Practice does excellent job of blending Managed Care and Indemnity together. Capitation income averages $28,800/month which pays most of the fixed expenses. AR balance is less than $30,000. Housed in prestigious building. Facility is efficient 1,450 sq.ft. 5-Op suite.

FREMONT – MANAGED CARE Five-years old, this practice has 7-DMO Plans generating $13,400/month in capitation checks. Collects $465,000 with Profits of $246,000. The practice enjoys excellent signage in a landmark building facing a busy intersection. The facility is comprised of 1,200 sq.ft. and 4- ops.

NORTH SAN FRANCISCO PENINSULA – MANAGED CARE  Quality practice as evidenced by 4-day per week Hygiene schedule. Currently realizing $725,000/year in collections with Profits of $345,000. $100,000 recently spent in new equipment.

OAKLAND – NEAR BERKELEY BORDER – MANAGED CARE  Realized $490,000 with $267,000 in Profits on Owner’s 2-day week along with 1-day of Hygiene. (Practice averages $5,568/month in Capitation Payments.) Bright 1,250 sq.ft. 4-Op office.

PLEASANT HILL – MANAGED CARE  On 3.5-days, practice realized collections of $535,500 with Profits of $239,000. Current year shall realize $600,000. Attractive 1,440 sq.ft. 5- Op office.

PLEASANT HILL – MANAGED CARE  $1.5 Million in collections with very strong Profits. Affluent patients accept upgrades. 5-Ops.

SAN FRANCISCO’S SUNSET DISTRICT – MANAGED CARE  Ground floor office on busy Irving Street. Currently generating $290,000 with $150,000 from Capitation Plans. Nets 50%. 4-Ops.

SAN JOSE – MANAGED CARE   Practice enjoys strong trade name recognition and highly visible location. Averaging 80+ new patients/month. 70% of the patients are insured and averages $28,000+/month from Capitation checks. Collections have averaged $1.11 Million/year the last 4-years. With a little effort, practice will top $1.5 Million/year level and within a short time can start pushing towards the $2 Million bar. Housed in free-standing 3,000 sq.ft. building with 8- operatories.

SAN RAFAEL – MANAGED CARE   Established 4-years, dentistry has always been delivered by employed Dentists. Last year realized collections of $646,700, Profits for Non-Working Owner of $96,100 and Assumed Profits for Working Owner of $226,700. Operates on 4-day week, with a total of 6-days of Dentistry provided. 1,447 sq.ft. 5-Op office with 4-Ops just 4- years old.

SANTA ROSA – MANAGED CARE  Established 15-years in busy strip shopping center. Year just ended produced $705,000, collected $702,000 and realized Profits of $268,000. 2,770 sq.ft. 6-Op facility. 4-Ops new within last year. 3-days of Hygiene.

SANTA ROSA – MANAGED CARE  Practice has been designed to be lean and efficient. Last year’s collections totaled $482,000 with Profits of $280,000. Current performance has practice on way to top $500,000 with Profits exceeding $320,000. There are 2,500 active patients and averages 100 new patients/month. Income is 48% Capitation and 52% Co-Pays. Operates out of a small 3-Op office.

SANTA ROSA – MANAGED CARE  Loaded with components that ambitious Dentist desires: location, accessibility, modern and spacious facility in signature building, extensive patient base, excellent new patient flow, tremendous staff, low AR balance and trade name recognition. Produced $780,000 and collected $775,000 with Profits of $258,000 for Owner who works 4-day/week while practice still employs a 3-day/week Associate.

SARATOGA – MANAGED CARE  Collections of $660,000/year with $270,000 in Profits with Owner working 3-day week. 3-days of Hygiene. 4-Ops in 1,500 sq.ft. suite. 30+ new patients per month.

SUNNYVALE – MANAGED CARE  Practice recently relocated from its confining 3-Op office to its present luxurious 7-Op suite. This spiked revenues from $450,000/year to $600,000/year. Unlimited potential makes this a very attractive offering.

WALNUT CREEK’S IGNACIO VALLEY ROAD – MANAGED CARE  Just opened, collections for the first year (11.5- months) were $394,000 with Profits of $240,000+. Collections for last 9-months reflect annualized revenues of $480,000. Patient composition reflects 80% Managed Care and 20% private, with income realized as 50% Managed Care and 50% cash. Practice operates out of 1,175 sq.ft. 3-Op suite with a 4th Op available. Everything is new.

WALNUT CREEK – MANAGED CARE  Collected $681,600 in 2009 with Profits of $290,000+. Tracking $700,000 for 2010.