Past Sales- Periodontic Practices

CASTRO VALLEY PERIO PRACTICE   Nice platform acquisition. Older Periodontist works 2-day schedule. Young Successor can grow practice by simply networking with nearby GP’s.

EL CERRITO PERIO PRACTICE  Growing practice is realizing $285,000/year in collections at this time. Office and equipment are 5-years old. 3-Ops and 2-days of Hygiene.

MONTEREY PERIO PRACTICE  This 3-year practice operates on part-time schedule by Owner who lives outside of California. Second complete calendar year produced $163,000. Current year shall produce $180,000 with $85,000 in Profits.

SAN JOSE PERIO PRACTICE  Located near Los Gatos, this practice is a $500,000 performer on Owner’s 3-day week. 4-days of Hygiene. 5-Ops in 1,900 sq.ft. suite.

SAN JOSE’S BLOSSOM HILL PERIO PRACTICE   Strong practice realized $470,000 in revenues with Total Profits of $335,000+. Averages 3-to-4 surgeries/day and 30-new patients per month. 2-days of Hygiene.

SAN LUIS OBISPO PERIO PRACTICE  Great opportunity to locate to a growing family community on the Central Coast. Currently realizing $300,000/year in revenues. Averages 27-new patients/month. 7-days of Hygiene week. Attractive 3-Op office.

SANTA CRUZ PERIO PRACTICE  Last 3-years have averaged $435,000/year in collections. 4-days of Hygiene. 4-Ops.

WEST SANTA CLARA VALLEY PERIO PRACTICE   Located in affluent area. Has always catered to upscale consumer. Doing $350,000 on relaxed schedule.