When looking for tips on selling your dental practice, many sites will advise you to gather a team. This includes a valuator, an attorney, and a certified accountant. It would take quite a long time to find the right person to hire for each position and even more money spent on hiring them all individually. Once you get everything settled, they will provide you with piles of work to complete in order for your practice to sell under your terms. Or, you can simplify the entire practice and hire a dental broker to do everything at once.


Before you sell your dental practice, you will need to calculate its economic value, according to Dental Economics. The typical path is to hire a valuator, who will inspect your practice and give you a number of how much your practice will sell for. Brokers who specialize in dental practices will be able to properly evaluate your practice due to their experience with other dental practices. A general valuator may discredit you for your hard work due to not knowing the ins and outs of the business. Allowing a dental broker to evaluate your practice will ensure your hard work is credited properly through its monetary value.


An attorney’s purpose is to assist you in ensuring the entire sale is properly following the law and any contracts do the same. Fortunately, a dental broker can do that and more. They will be fully capable of managing the sale of your practice and outlining the specifics of the transaction through legal contracts. An attorney may not be well-versed in the transactions involved in selling a dental practice. From when your dental practice is available under a search for “California dental practice listings” to the final signing of the contract, hiring a dental broker will ensure you are handling everything legally.


An accountant will assist you in maximizing certain parts of the sale. Their understanding of finances is almost unparalleled, but they will be unaware of the specifics of a dental practice. A dental broker will understand the inside knowledge of a dental practice and the best parts of the practice to negotiate with potential buyers. Their understanding of dental practices will also provide clarity on the details of your, and any, California dental practice listings for whoever is looking to buy from you.

Dental brokers will be able to provide you with the services of a valuator, an attorney, and an accountant. They will also be able to take effort off your own shoulders, providing you with relief instead of stress when you see your business listed under an online search for “California dental practice listings.” Contact Professional Practice Sales to learn how selling your dental practice can be easier than ever.