Celebrating 58 Years of Excellence: Selling California Dental Practices the PPS Way

At Professional Practice Sales (PPS), we pride ourselves on being the premier choice for dental practice sales in California. With over 58 years of expertise, we’ve perfected our approach to ensure each sale is smooth, successful, and stress-free for our clients. Let’s dive into what makes PPS the go-to specialist in the appraisal and sale of dental practices.

The PPS Way: A Legacy of Success

Our journey began in 1966, and since then, we’ve been committed to understanding the unique aspects of each dental practice we handle. This commitment allows us to provide accurate and fair valuations, ensuring that our clients’ expectations are realistic and attainable. Our process is meticulous and fact-based, fostering great partnerships with our clients.

A Comprehensive Toolbox for Success

Before we market any practice, we assemble a complete toolbox. This means doing the heavy lifting upfront, which involves thorough analysis and preparation. We perform a thorough underwriting so we understand a practice’s true financial performance.  This is absolutely essential in the instance of a Delta Premier practice.  As such, a requisite financial modeling occurs. Although this takes considerable time and effort, it is the best investment any seller can make before their practice goes to market. Our approach guarantees that when we list a practice, it is presented in the best possible light, maximizing its value and appeal to potential buyers.

Specialists in Appraisal and Sales

Our selective engagements and detailed analysis ensure that we understand each practice intimately. This understanding allows us to determine an appropriate price based on the unique variables associated with each practice. When it comes to price discussions, we rely on facts and data, ensuring our clients are well-informed and confident in the process.

Skilled Transactional Specialists vs. Order Takers

Choosing the right partner for this life-changing journey is critical. There is a significant difference between order takers and skilled transactional specialists. Order takers farm valuations out to distant third parties who rely on metric analytics alone. In contrast, a skilled transactional specialist knows the market and understands what your practice can achieve at this moment in time.

You need an advocate with the expertise to assess, stage, and sell your practice effectively. Our skilled specialists at PPS have all the necessary tools to facilitate and complete your sale. We shepherd you from the initial discussion to closed escrow, ensuring that every step of the process is handled with precision and care.

Your Partner in Success

At PPS, we believe it does not take an army to get things done. A skilled transactional specialist has all the arrows in their quiver to achieve your desired outcome. Our team, led by Ray and Edna Irving, is dedicated to providing personalized and professional service, ensuring that each client’s experience is seamless and rewarding.

Is it Time for You to Step Down?

If you’re considering selling your dental practice, now is the time to engage with a partner who understands your market and can realize your practice’s full potential. Contact Professional Practice Sales today to begin your journey with a team that celebrates your success as much as you do.

For more information, visit our website at www.PPSsellsDDS.com or call us at (800) 422-2818 or (415) 899-8580.