Sacramento Metro is the New San Francisco Bay Area

Considering dental practices for sale Northern California? Sacramento Metro has benefited greatly as a result of the skyrocketing costs of living and practicing in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Most dentists are not married to tech workers with stock options or have a spouse in a high income career such as investment banking, medicine or law which seems to be necessary to make the San Francisco Bay Area lifestyle possible.

Sacramento Metro’s economy is broad based. Government and transportation are the largest sectors with information, technology service, leisure and hospitality, education, health services and construction also strong economic engines.

Searching for dental practices for sale Northern California? Watch Sacramento.Sacramento Metro is a great area to raise children. Housing is affordable. Water and mountain recreation is in Sacramento Metro’s backyard. Sacramento International Airport is served by 16-airlines. Sacramento Metro has lower labor and facility costs. Sacramento Metro dentists can hire staff now and going into the next generation of dental practice.

Sacramento Metro’s population is 2.12 Million.  San Francisco Bay Area’s population is 3.31 million.   Sacramento Metro population shall be growing whereas San Francisco Bay Area population is seeing declines.

Sacramento: the Ideal Place for Dental Practices for Sale Northern California

Sacramento is not the Cow Town of the 1980’s. Sacramento Metro is appealing, sexy and exciting!

Sacramento Metro has become the preferred destination for NorCal dentists who understand demographics.  Sacramento Metro is the direct beneficiary for what has been playing out in the San Francisco Bay Area which finally reached its tipping point during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Employers and employees are now seeking new locations which are more economically viable. Whereas San Francisco now needs to figure out how to reinvent itself, Sacramento simply shall continue the path it has been traveling.

So what is the current state of private practice in Sacramento Metro Area? Sacramento Metro practices have rebounded extremely well as a result of their owners taking the Covid-19 challenge head on. Their implementation of stronger sterilization safeguards, their already in-place strong hygiene programs, their keeping the Team together and their educating their patients about their improved safeguards has paid huge dividends.

And they know they shall be benefiting from patients abandoning practices who have not stepped up their game along with the many practices that are simply going away. The Sacramento Metro private dental practice herd is getting stronger!

So what is the current market for the acquisition of practices in the Sacramento Metro Area?  It is percolating nicely as we rebound from the March 2020 Shutdown. It has become the preferred destination for dentists seeking a nice work / life balance and who choose not to work in corporate environments.

Witnessing what has played out in the San Francisco Bay Area, these dentists do not wish to practice and live in an area dominated by a tech engine creating incomes that push the cost of living higher.  And the cost of money has never been cheaper. Borrowing money is simply an “opportunity cost” allowing these dentists to leverage themselves into a far better position going forward, with their sights set on Sacramento Metro.

There is a wave of dentists coming to Sacramento Metro as the future is very bright. Sacramento Metro is the new San Francisco Bay Area. Be sure to add it to your list of dental practices for sale Northern California.