About Raymond Irving

Ray is a fifth generation San Franciscan. After attending UC Berkeley, Ray commenced his career by joining his father Henry in 1975. Per Ray’s partnership with Henry, his wife Edna and brother Dan; Team Irving has concluded the sale of approximately 2,000 practices. Combining this with the Southern California office, Professional Practice Sales has concluded 4,000+ sales. Ray's sales have ranged from annual revenues of a few $100,000 to $33.1 Million, and has concluded sales in 14 states. Sales have been to individuals, growing healthcare networks and public companies. Ray’s experience is unique as he understands how the dental profession is evolving per his vast experience in other healthcare verticals. Established in 1966, Professional Practice Sales was visionary as no firm beforehand specialized in the brokerage of professional practices.

What Can We Expect From the 2021 Dental Marketplace?

The California dental marketplace is undergoing profound changes as a result of trends that have been occurring for years. Delta, for instance, is phasing out Premier providers and Dental Service Organizations are carving out a larger slice of the pie in the dental marketplace.  However, a greater number of dentists are graduating with student loan [...]

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Private Dental Practice Has Never Been More Exciting

Private dental practice has never been more exciting nor better positioned than it is today.  The number of private dental practices in the marketplace is declining, and many dentists are learning that their practices do not appeal to the next generation of practitioners looking for dental practice listings. Some of the most common reasons why [...]

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Maximize the Value of Your Dental Practice

Delta Dental, America's largest dental insurance provider, has recently announced it will begin rolling out reduced fees for General Practice Premier providers. On July 1, 2021, Delta Dental will lower its Premier fees for endodontists, oral surgeons and periodontists.  Dental CPA Haden Werhan of Thomas Doll in Walnut Creek compared Delta Dental's contracted fees in [...]

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Sacramento is the New Bay Area

Sacramento Metro is the New San Francisco Bay Area Considering dental practices for sale Northern California? Sacramento Metro has benefited greatly as a result of the skyrocketing costs of living and practicing in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Most dentists are not married to tech workers with stock options or have a spouse in [...]

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Are You Serious About Selling Your Dental Practice?

Serious About  Selling your Dental Practice?  Don’t Hire an Order Taker! Your dental practice is unique. Your service profile reflects your standard of care, your patient pool has its specific demographics and the payor mix reflects your patient following. However, ultimately how your dental practice should be priced comes down to the following factors: The [...]

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4 Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make When Selling Your Dental Practice

Selling your dental practice is not going to be easy. Unfortunately, selling dentists do not always make prudent decisions concerning this important event. By identifying common mistakes, you can avoid making them. Here are four of the most common mistakes dentists make when selling a dental practice. No one knows my practice better than me. [...]

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Buying a Dental Practice

Buying a Dental Practice: The Leap of Faith for First-Time Buyers Buying a dental practice. This is the culmination of the dream for many individuals who first gave thought to becoming a dentist and now wish to create something truly special. Something they can stand behind with enormous pride as they nurture and grow a [...]

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Passing the Torch

Dental Office Transitions: Passing the Torch to the Next Generation I have been selling dental practices since 1975. I started managing dental office transitions when I was 23. I, and many dental brokers like me, are witnessing more sellers looking for that “perfect” successor while dismissing many of those who walk through the door investigating [...]

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