According to the ADA Marketplace, a dental practice will typically require an initial investment of about $500,000. If you’re planning to buy a dental practice, it’s important to ensure that you invest wisely to set your facility up for success. This means keeping in mind the features that patients value most when you choose your office. Here are three factors to consider to ensure you have a lucrative business that attracts plenty of patients.

Convenient Location

No matter how amazing your dental practice is, no one will want to visit it if it’s too far out of the way. It’s best to buy an office in a well-populated area so potential patients won’t be turned off by long commuting times. That said, you probably shouldn’t buy a practice too close to an existing dentist’s office with a strong reputation, as this could pose some difficult competition. A dental broker can assist you in finding the perfect location to ensure your business flows well.

High-Tech Equipment

Patients want to rest assured that their oral health is in good hands. When they see that you have modern, up-to-date equipment, they can feel confident that you’ll take proper care of their needs. Conversely, old and outdated tools can give a negative impression. A dental broker can help you choose a practice that has all the right equipment.

Welcoming Environment

It goes without saying that patients want a dental practice with friendly, personable staff, but this isn’t the only factor that goes into creating a positive atmosphere. A clean and well-decorated facility is essential to ensure patients will keep coming back to your practice. It’s also important to choose a calm, pleasant location in a neighborhood that doesn’t experience a lot of noise. A dental broker can help you find an office that’s quiet, aesthetically pleasing, and can easily be decorated to match your brand’s desired aesthetic.

Buying a dental practice can be challenging, but hiring a reliable dental broker will make it simple to buy a property that meets your and your patients’ needs. If you’re ready to get started on the buying process, contact the experienced team at Professional Practice Sales today. We look forward to assisting you in closing on your dental practice!